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“Finance Ministry has shamed the PM…”: Chidambaram took a jibe at GST arrears

P Chidambaram said, “It would be interesting to know why the finance ministry ’embarrassed’ the prime minister… (file photo)

New Delhi:

Senior Congress leader and former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Thursday took a jibe at the central government over arrears of states as GST compensation, and said it would be interesting to know why the finance ministry did so on the same day. Prime minister He was ‘shamed’ on the day he (PM Narendra Modi) had chosen to ‘retort’ the states.


The Finance Ministry on Wednesday said that the central government has released eight months’ GST compensation amount to the states for the financial year ended March 2022, while the amount of Rs 78,704 crore due to insufficient amount in the cess fund. Pending is left.

P. Chidambaram said that the day the Prime Minister lashed out at the states for not reducing VAT rates on petrol and diesel, the Finance Ministry informed the same day that the states owe Rs 78,704 crore to the central government.

The former finance minister wrote on micro-blogging website Twitter, “The amount that is due is actually more… …only the Controller of Government Accounts (CGA) can verify the exact amount…”

He wrote, “It would be interesting to know why the Finance Ministry humiliated the Prime Minister on the very day he chose to lash out at the states…”

Referring to the high fuel prices in several opposition-ruled states on Wednesday, the prime minister termed it as “injustice”, and urged state governments to reduce VAT in the “national interest” with the aim of benefitting the common man. . The Prime Minister said that despite his central government reducing excise duty in November, many states did not accept his request to reduce VAT, and asked the state governments to work in times of global crisis keeping in mind the core spirit of cooperative federalism. urged to do.

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