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“Filters” arrive on WhatsApp: how to improve the organization of chats with the new function

WhatsApp launches one of the features most requested by users. On the official blog of the messaging application it is announced that chat filters are here to stay. What is this novelty about and how to take advantage of it.

Chat filters have been designed with user comfort in mind. These will be seen at the top of the interface which is now empty due to the last update stable application.

Users can choose between three chat modes: “Everyone”, “Unread” and “Groups”, which can be selected with just one tap.

In “Everyone”, interested parties will have the default view of all messages and “Unread” is the “perfect option” for when you want to see which conversations you need to catch up on or which ones you need to respond to, explains WhatsApp.

The best filters to organize conversations on WhatsApp.

This last option displays messages that are marked by the user as unread or that have not yet been opened.

The “Groups” filter is a highly requested feature, depending on the app. “Now all your group chats will be organized in one place, so it’ll be easier to find your favorites, whether it’s your weekly family dinner or planning your next vacation. Community subgroups will also be included here.

“Opening WhatsApp and finding the right conversation should be a quick, seamless and simple process. As people do more and more things on WhatsApp, it’s more important than ever to be able to access your messages quickly.”

The new WhatsApp filters.The new WhatsApp filters.

Thus, these new chat filters have been launched so that users can do so without having to scroll through the entire inbox, summarizes the messaging network.

“Deploying chat filters in WhatsApp so you can quickly find important messages,” Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, has written both on his Facebook page and through his WhatsApp channel.

The company believes the filters will make it easier for people stay organized and find the most important conversations, and allow you to navigate through messages more efficiently.

This function is already started to implement among users today and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp: other news

The different types of lists that are already available on WhatsApp.The different types of lists that are already available on WhatsApp.

In recent months, the company has enabled the ability to use one account on multiple phones, has been working on a private newsletter tool and a new username system, has added surveys and shopping, along with other Facebook-specific features. ; It has improved its group chats and much more.

Among the new features that stand out, it is worth highlighting.

Bullet List: Useful to describe the step by step of a process, ingredients of a recipe, shopping list, making summaries through bullets, etc. It will be activated using a hyphen (-) followed by a space: – text.

Numbered lists: ideal for sort elements, write instructions, make rankings. It will be activated by typing a one or two-digit number followed by a period and a space: 6. text

Block quote: to highlight important text and make it more visible within a message. It will be activated with the greater than sign (>) followed by a space: > text

Online Code: Designed for software developers to share lines of code and commands. Triggered by wrapping the text in backticks (`): `text`

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