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FFF: the president, Philippe Diallo, negotiated with the former general director Florence Hardouin the withdrawal of his complaint against Noël Le Graët

Will the former management of the French Football Federation (FFF) settle accounts with the National Assembly? Tuesday 7 and Thursday 9 November, the former president of “3F” (2011-2023) Noël Le Graët, known as “NLG”, and its former general director (2013-2023) Florence Hardouin will be heard, under oath, by the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the failures of sports federations.

Pinned in February by an audit by the general inspection of education, sport and research (IGESR), the former executive couple of the FFF could have things to tell the deputies. M’s hearingme Hardouin, who suffered a heart attack in January, will be conducted behind closed doors, at the request of the person concerned for health reasons.

If Mr. Le Graët resigned in February, suspected of having behaved inappropriately with colleagues, Hardouin was fired by the FFF and filed a complaint on April 18 for sexual and moral harassment against her former boss. She thus joined the preliminary investigation opened on January 13 by the Paris prosecutor’s office against “NLG”.

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However, according to information from WorldFlorence Hardouin withdrew, on August 21, the complaint against Mr. Le Graët even though it had already been heard, in the spring, for several hours by the brigade for the repression of delinquency against the person (BRDP).

The FFF staff was unaware of the content of the agreement

“This changes absolutely nothing in the current criminal proceedings”, assures the Paris prosecutor’s office. In fact, the withdrawal of the complaint does not extinguish public action and the criminal investigation, opened after a report from the IGESR, is still in progress. If she has undertaken to renounce becoming a civil party in a possible trial and to request damages, Mme Hardouin would nevertheless still be able to do so on a legal level.

On a permanent contract with the FFF since 2008, laid off in January 2023, the former CEO, aged 56, reached a financial agreement this summer with the FFF and its new president, Philippe Diallo.

This amicable agreement, which contains confidentiality clauses, requires both parties not to denigrate each other or take legal action against each other. It puts an end to the procedure launched by Mme Hardouin before the Paris industrial tribunal. Presenting herself as a “ whistleblower », she initially wanted to obtain the nullity of her dismissal and demanded that the FFF be ordered to pay a sum of around 2.5 million euros. She also contacted the Defender of Rights.

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