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Fernando Iglesias crossed Gerardo Morales: “Doves out, hawks in, like that, no”

The project to dollarize the Argentine economy presented by the radical deputy Alejandro Cacace, generated a strong criticism of the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, who described the proposal as “clown“Quickly, they came to the intersection of several deputies from Together for Change, where Fernando Iglesias stood out for his harshness: “Doves out, hawks in, like this, no“.

The national deputy of San Luis, Alejandro Cacace, who is part of the “Radical Evolution” block, immersed in the Together for Change interblock, presented a project that continues to generate controversy not only with the ruling party but within the opposition and within of radicalism itself.

“Different governments have tried solutions without any success. That is why we need a solution that drastically tackles the problem of inflation and this is the official dollarization of the Argentine economy“, Said Cacace, a member of the space headed by Senator Martín Lousteau, and immediately crossed the president of radicalism.

I absolutely reject the clownish project presented by a deputy from Evolution. You have to be irresponsible and naive, to say the least, to argue that dollarization is the way out. Dollarization is worse than convertibility,” Morales had posted on his Twitter account.

The first to answer him was the deputy and economist Martín Tetaz, also a radical: “You are talking about a deputy from the Nation, who has presented a project with which you may or may not agree, but who offers a proposal to solve the main problem of Argentina. Do you have a better one? Present it”.

But the one who launched a criticism that sounded like a warning was Fernando Iglesias. “Clown. Irresponsible. Naive. Stupid. The words towards a deputy from his own party who accuses others of not wanting dialogue. Doves out. Hawks in. So, no,” were the harsh words of the deputy from the Civic Coalition to the president of the Radical Civic Union.

Both had already starred in a hard crossroads in January of this year due to the government’s negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The ruling party had summoned the governors to report on the progress of the agreement and the opposition decided not to attend.

At that time, Morales stated: “This debt that is being negotiated was contracted by us and the least we have to do is go and listen. The government wants to present us how the situation is, I don’t know what the report consists of. From Together for Change we say that we are going to act responsibly and the least we can do is go and get the report”.

And he closed: “I think it’s over, you don’t have to play hide and seek with this. Because the hawks are going to come out.”

Quickly, one of those who crossed it very hard was Fernando Iglesias, who treated him ignorant: “From the IMF credit (2018) until the end of Macri’s term, the total debt fell. The funds were used to pay debt that was at higher interest. We did not ‘contract the debt’, ignorant. We had to pay it along with the fiscal deficit left by Peronism. Study.”

Other critics opposing Morales

In addition to Tetaz and Iglesias, the deputy for Radical Evolution also criticized the president of the UCR, Emiliano Yacobittilaunched: “It may or may not coincide with the project presented by Alejandro Cacace, but the expressions of Gerardo Morales beyond the limits of dialogue and understandingdisrespecting not only a National Deputy but also a member of the party he presides over”.

In addition, Cacace himself came out to defend his project and responded to Governor Morales’s criticism, interpreting that “inflation is a serious problem in our economy, which has not been solved for a long time.”

“I think we should encourage ourselves to think about policies that resolve it, with data and evidence, without prejudice or aggression. Let’s have that debate in the National UCR,” stressed the San Luis legislator.

If we disqualify the idea just because of a title, we will never get out of trouble“, argument.

Meanwhile, his peer Jimena Latorre, radical deputy for Mendoza, also expressed his repudiation of Morales’s sayings, stating: “I reject the legitimacy of representing through disqualification and insults. Neither a clown, nor naive,” Latorre remarked. , who described Cacace as “a co-religionist with initiative”.


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