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Fernando Alonso: “I don’t know if I’ll have a car to win races this year”

the spanish pilot Fernando Alonso (Alpine) has assured that “he does not” know if this year he will have a car that will allow him to win races, and has stated that the “real performance” will be discovered this Saturday in the qualifying session of the Bahrain Grand Prixthe inaugural test of the Formula 1 World Championship.

“I don’t know, nobody knows (if I’m going to have a car to win races this year). In testing, we’ve all had a lot of ups and downs and we’ve all had good days, especially the last two in Bahrain. We’ve made a lot of progress with the car but we will find out the real performance of each one in the classification tomorrow“, declared in the official press conference before the first race.

In this sense, he recalled that the season will be “very long”, especially after the regulatory changes introduced in the big circus. “There are 22 races, there is a lot of development in the cars, and it’s not how you start tomorrow, but how you progress and advance in the first two or three months it’s from the season. We are working and the team is very optimistic”, he explained.

In addition, the Asturian assured that “nobody” knows where “each team is in terms of performance.” “You are only happy when you are fighting for pole. As I have said many times, we enter this new era of Formula 1 where all the teams have more or less the same chances, there is a budget limit and it is up to us to build the fastest car. “, he pointed.

“Maybe we can’t achieve this in this first year, because there are a lot of things that are happening within the team, to make sure that we can be competitive in the future, which is what we also Alpine wants. We’ll work day and night until we get it,” she continued.

Finally, the two-time world champion recognized that the single-seaters are “different” from those of last year, “heavier”, and that they must adapt little by little. “You feel better driving lighter cars, that’s how racing should be. But on the other hand, they are very safe cars, sustainability has also been a big issue in recent years in Formula 1. It’s the direction in that the world is going and we are happy to follow it,” he said.

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