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Feliciano and Carreño do their homework and make it 2-0 over Ecuador

The toledano Feliciano lopez has given the first point to Spain in his tie against Ecuador at the premiere this Friday of the current champion in the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid after beating Roberto Quiroz 6-3 by a double. Pablo Carreño has been the second Spanish representative to take to the track and has taken the final advantage over Ecuador in three sets against Emilio Gómez (5-7, 6-3, 7-6).

Sergi Bruguera’s team has had a happy debut in the defense of the Salad Bowl and has been able to forget at times all the problems of these days due to the losses of Roberto Bautista, due to injury last Tuesday, and Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image, for testing positive for coronavirus this Thursday.

The captain has chosen to give one of the singles to your most expert player, who has managed to respond with a solid victory against Quiroz, 291 in the ATP ranking, but who has wanted to make things difficult, although he has not been able to with the veteran left-hander, supported by Madrid Arena.

Feli has signed a solid duel in which he has added 14 direct aces. Protected by the strength of his service, he has ended the resistance of his rival, who has not been able to lift the two breaks, one in each heat, that have given the Spanish victory.

López did not miss his opportunity in the fourth game to achieve the ‘break’ key who has managed to maintain to win the set, although Quiroz has left another option to recover the serve in the fifth game. The second sleeve has had a similar development. The two tennis players have imposed their services until the fifth game in which the Spanish has managed to break to take a definitive advantage.

For its part, Carreño has suffered a lot more, yielding the first set and forced to take the game to a third, which has ended up opting for the Asturian in a very tense tie-break (7-5).

The first set was very even, none of them gave up the service, and when Carreño did, the next game returned the ‘break’. But in the last game, with 6-5 for the Ecuadorian, the Asturian he has not been able to defend his serve. 7-5 for Emilio. The second sleeve Carreño has done the same breaking the two last Ecuadorian services.

Finally, in the third sleeve something similar to the first has happened. A service break per head until reaching the tie-break, where a Carreño who has suffered at the Madrid Arena has won.


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