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Farruko receives absolute solidarity from the artists in his spiritual transformation

Since Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, known in the entertainment world as Farrukorevealed last weekend that he accepted God to initiate a spiritual transformation, he has received thousands of messages in support and solidarity from his followers, friends and artists.

the christian singer Samuel Hernandez was one of the first to applaud Farruko’s courage in proclaiming the change that God has made in his life during the concert he offered at his concert held at the FTX Arena in Miami.

“I have seen you cry, God is calling you in a hurry. A fire burns in your heart ? that no one will put out. He who began a good work in you will complete it. Only those of us who have been close to your transformation can understand what God is doing. We are praying for you friend @farruko”, wrote Samuel Hernández, along with a photo with Farruko.

Today, the singer Manny Manuel, dedicated one of his publications to the urban artist who revealed that any fan who does not want to hear him proclaim the word of God in his concerts will return the money, as an act of solidarity in his actions.

The so-called “King of Hearts” let Farruko know that there are thousands of people who understand his spiritual process and the personal stage he is experiencing. He exhorted her to continue opening up to him and not to be afraid.

“Dear colleague @farruko. I want to let you know that we are a thousand people who understand your feelings, connection and experience that you are experiencing in this stage of your personal life. We are not Perfect, but the WONDERFUL thing about all this is that for The King of Hosts you are a unique piece, manufactured by Him. I recognize and value you. I bless you and it only remains for me to tell you: Opening Dad… Open your arms and your soul and UNIMAGINABLE and HIDDEN things that you would never have thought would happen in Your Life will come on the way… BELIEVE, PRAISE and PRAY at all times Talk to him as a Best Friend AND WAIT … At some point we will sit down and you will tell me. GOD LOVES YOU and a people too”, expressed the merengue player to the voice of “Pepas”.

public support

Among his peers in the urban genre, the reactions were immediate. Ozuna, Tito “El Bambino”, De La Ghetto and Baby Rasta They immediately expressed their solidarity with the artist through one of their Instagram posts.

“Brother, you are the example of all of us, believe me that now the functions will be better because it is God who is controlling everything. We love you and we are with you,” said Ozuna.

“I love you, I’ll come back and tell you! Don’t shut up. Who walks with God may not be understood BUT NEVER DEFEATED! @farruko I love you! God bless you very much, brother. I am super proud of you! ”, Tito “El Bambino” said.

“Amen Broder. We are here for whatever he is brother, ”wrote De la Ghetto.

“Wow! Farru forget what they say or answer because they spoke of the son of God and put him on the Cross. The world of music we are in is very dark. This one that money is not enough nor the status of the height. It doesn’t matter which path you choose, you have families of colleagues who support you and where you stand you are one of us. That path you are choosing is clean and pure and has the energy that the world lacks. God bless you and you saw the truth and by seeing the truth everything will change for the better. On behalf of the Los Lobos pack, our best wishes,” said Baby Rasta.

While Anonimus told him: “the spiritual world is much more real and deeper than the one we live in today!!! For everyone to understand it will not be easy, but little by little God will do the work my bro!!! Comments are always there!!! But in the end there is only one truth.

Similarly, J Álvarez, producer Rafael “Raphy” Pina, Gringo, Dj King Arthur, Prince Royce, Alberto Stylee and Rey Pirín they sent him blessings and applauded his action in favor of the gospel.

The singer-songwriter Kany García also communicated her support and claimed to be proud of the reggaeton player, who had been experiencing changes in her life for some time.

“I hug you darling! keep going forward and enjoy what you are living. Sleep peacefully, without trying to please anyone and being faithful to what your heart is dictating to you, that never fails! Always proud of you, blessings my love.

The merenguera Olga Tañón showed her admiration for Farruko.

“Taking off my hat dear Carlos! Few will speak as clearly as you, because of what they have experienced and what has been overcome! What immense joy! We can never please everyone. That you are happy and feel peace is what matters! My love, respect and admiration !!!”, said the merenguera.

On the island, Farruko will perform in concerts on March 3, 4 and 5 at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico.

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