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Fans arrived at the Puerto Rico Coliseum with the dress code “whatever they wanted” to see Bad Bunny

Without following the new way of artists of establishing a dress code to go to concerts, fans of Bad Bunny They got, on Thursday night, literally “whatever they wanted” for him “listening party” from his new album “No one knows what will happen tomorrow.” in it Puerto Rico Coliseum José Miguel Agrelot.

The followers of Benito Martínez Ocasio, first name of the urban artist, They wore outfits with colorful tones, probably alluding to the theme of the artist’s last album, “A summer without you.”.

However, among the crowd there were also hats, cowboy boots and cow-print shirts, and the style ‘”denim on denim” (denim on denim) very consistent with his recent songs “Where she goes” and “A preview”.

Bad Bunny, a fashion enthusiast, has demonstrated on countless occasions that he is not about following trends, but about “imposing” them. And his Puerto Rican followers let it be seen.

At 12:00 in the morning he premiered his new production “Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow”, his seventh studio album that It has 22 songs and with the participation of several musical collaborators.

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