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Fall Guys can now be played for free on all platforms: Xbox and Nintendo Switch join Playstation and PC

Fall Guys is a battle royale style game, that is, everyone against everyone, which from this year began to be free. It is now available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox, joining PlayStation and PC fans with Season 1.

Thus, until now the game could be played in PlayStation and PC consoles. But with this announcement it becomes free to play And this also enables you to play the game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

The play of Epic Games, the company that owns Fortnite that recently bought the saga, is to expand the player base to make Fall Guys a massive game. The experience, from the popular shooter played by millions of people around the world, they have it.

Fall Guys is a game where we manage a kind of beans with arms and legs. Your goal is for 60 players to overcome challenges and avoid various obstacles without fail to get the crown and thus become the winning king. The games are about skill to reach the end of the level, something that is made difficult by the obstacles and the few physical abilities of the friendly characters.

Fall Guys has become free to play on all consoles, attracting more players. Mediatonic has confirmed that it also reaches Xbox One, Xbox Series XS and Nintendo Switch. Epic Games and developer Mediatonic made the decision to start over: after Season 6, which has recently concluded, the title starts on fresh ground and launches a new season, billed as Fall Guys Season 1.

What about those who paid for the game

All players who purchased the game before that date will receive a Legacy cosmetic pack to mod characters. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive a free skin from Fall Guys every month for the first three months.

The original free season of Fall Guys has been reloaded, with additional levels and even a map editor for participants. will also be available the “skins” of Ezio Auditore, Godzilla and Pusheen.

Fall Guys is free from this Tuesday for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the support of all platforms, players can play without distinction of platform (cross-play), save their progress and use their accounts between the different consoles (cross-save).

It’s worth remembering that on PC, new players will need to download the game through the Epic Games Store, but players who purchased it on Steam you can continue playing from this platform.

It will no longer appear on Steam, so you will necessarily have to go to the Epic Games launcher.

How to download the game

Fall Guys, the game from the Mediatonic studio, sold 2 million copies in its first weeks.

In order to play Fall Guys it is necessary to have an account on any of the platforms that we use to play. If we are on PC, in this case, since the game is owned by Epic Games, It is necessary to have an account in this video game developer. It is not minor to remember that Epic usually gives away games very often, with which, it is worth having an associated account.

On Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, it’s as simple as having an account and searching for the game in the online store. there the game will appear free to install, without paying a peso.

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