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Fake people seen by Malayalees in 2021 | Fact Check

2Let us examine some of the issues misunderstood by the Malayalees in 021 and their truth.

1. Halal Aravan

There was a propaganda on social media that the construction of the aravana at the Sabarimala temple was given to a private company and that they were selling it with a halal label. The misinformation was spread using a picture of Aravana released for sale by a private company.

2. The subject of a child committing suicide due to hunger

According to the Justice Commission’s Hunger Index, Kerala has the lowest hunger rate in the country. It was in this context that the image of the newspaper report that the child had committed suicide due to hunger was spread on Facebook. In fact, the news of 2016 spread like this.


3. Financial fraud

Messages made as part of an online financial fraud were widely circulated in 2021. A group of people spread the word that companies like Lulu, Tata and Maruti Suzuki are giving away gifts through lucky draws for their anniversaries.

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Another category of messages was in the name of banks. KYC by clicking on the link that comes as an SMS. The message was to update.
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The message was that the government had started online registration for new loans and health care plans.

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W.H.O. Meanwhile, the message that Covid is giving allowances also appeared.

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The goal of those who create such fake messages is to leak personal information.

4. Nippa

Following the confirmation of Nippa infection in Kerala during Covid, many misleading messages were spread on social media. Misinformation was spread mainly about the various methods of preventing the disease and the effectiveness of the available drugs.

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5. Covid Vaccination Statistics

The BJP Many misleading information has gone viral that states that do not govern are lagging behind in Covid vaccination. The most important of these is the comparison between Uttar Pradesh and Kerala regarding vaccination. Such false information was spread by distorting the figures.

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6. The subject of Monson Mango

Monson Maungkal’s was one of the most talked about topics in Kerala in 2021. He deceived many people by showing fake antiquities. After Monson was arrested by the police, some people edited pictures of celebrities along with his picture and spread it on social media.



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