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Fake OSD of Home Minister Vij had given fake joining letter –

Subhash Chauhan/HP

Ambala, 24 September

New revelations are being made with the arrest of Ashish Gulati, accused of cheating by posing as a fake OSD of Home Minister Anil Vij.

Police investigation has revealed that the accused had defrauded a person from Pehowa of Rs 27 lakh to recruit a young man as a sub-inspector in the police. He had also given a fake joining letter to the young man, in which it was said that he would join the job in Madhuban on 25th May.

Ambala Police has revealed many facts from Ashish Gulati, on the basis of which his nephew Lakshya Dutt has also been targeted by the police. Ashish Gulati was a member of Home Minister Anil Vij’s team and on this basis, he had created a big game of cheating an agent of Pehowa.

A transaction of Rs 27 lakh was made with this commission agent in which his close friend was asked to recruit Sub Inspector in Haryana Police. Lakshya Dutt had made the commission agent meet at a hotel in Ambala Cantonment, after which the amount was transferred to the account.

Will not spare…

Home Minister Anil Vij said that corruption will not be tolerated under any circumstances. He said that the police have been asked to investigate this entire matter and take strict action. It is noteworthy that recently the complainant Manish had met the Home Minister in this matter and as per the orders of Vij, Ambala Police has come into action.

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