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Facundo Manes, nervous, tried to lower the tone of his criticism of Mauricio Macri: “I didn’t imagine he was going to make such a mess”

After the commotion generated by the qualification of “institutional populism” To the government of Mauricio Macri, Facundo Manes assured this Monday that he was “surprised” by the repercussions of his statements. “I didn’t imagine it was going to make such a mess,” assured the radical deputy.

Of rebellious pretensions Within the Together for Change package that added him to politics, the neuroscientist did not retract his criticism of the former president, although yes toned down. However, he considered that in 2023, the opposition he will not be able to win “with anti-Kirchnerism alone”.

Manes spoke at All News a day after assuring, in statements to LN+that the leader of the PRO should “reflect” because “in his government he had institutional populism.” he was seen nervouseager to explain his point of view, while stating that both Macri and Cristina Kirchner should step aside for new leaders.

“I didn’t imagine it was going to make such a mess,” The deputy maintained and ratified what he had affirmed a day before, “The Macri government arrived with obligation to clean the sewers of the intelligence services, certain aspects of the influence of political power on justice, unfortunately it is a debt that we have to recognize”, he said now, more composed.

He even qualified that same criticism as “something minimal” compared to the current government’s questioning. “I’m not stressing to Together for Change, on the contrary,” he clarified.

For his previous statements, Manes was criticized by different PRO referents throughout this Monday, as well as by different Twitter users. In this regard, he denounced that he was “attacked by a system that you see as coordinated, massive”, in relation to the trolls that abound in social networks, although he did not advance with his synergistic accusation with those of Kirchnerism.

Meanwhile, Manes considered that “there is no modernization in Argentina without modernization of the institutions”. In that sense, he stated that the country “has institutional populism.”

“The institutions are the key to the economic development of the country”, he explained and said that “unfortunately there is an outstanding debt for decades and the Macri government could not change history”.

He also gave his version of why no UCR leader came out in defense of his ideas. “Publicly it is to generate more tension, I think it’s very prudent don’t climb this”, he stated and reflected that “this permanent tension of politics without ideas, attacking people does not go”.

He said this a day after grinding Macri and while asking for his retirement as “past”. Still, Manes insisted on a certain backtracking. “It’s so serious about the Kirchnerism, pathetic, infinitely worse… The Kirchnerist model is terrible. Faced with that, this remains as a minimum, “he remarked.

The radical deputy Facundo Manes and a partial retraction on Mauricio Macri. Photo Federico Imas

“In that aspect it seemed good to me that radicalism do not join this political operation”, he defined after having called the repercussions of his words a “coordinated system”, uncomfortable.

Facundo Manes: “We cannot go next year with anti-Kirchnerism only”

When asked if he was “tensioning the space” with his phrases, Manes recalled that in 2021, as part of the electoral campaign, he encouraged to add “popular sectors” to the coalition and encourage internal ones.

“They accused me that if I did the internship I was functional to Kirchnerism, and I said no”, recalled and boasted of an achievement: “By making a STEP we expand the votes.”

“We added a million or so votes and a lot of our vote was popular vote that had never voted for Cambiemos or that they were disappointed by Cambiemos”, he praised himself while denouncing that his candidacy was “invisible by the system”.

Manes also described the Cambiemos of 2015 as a “coalition basically by survey to beat Kirchnerism without a mother idea country” and considered that for this reason they lost the elections in 2019.

In that sense, he made the comparison with the ruling party: “What was the Frente de Todos? An electoral coalition without a mother idea to beat the Macri government and it went badly, this government is a disaster.

Immediately afterwards, the radical deputy with electoral aspirations next year, affirmed: “We cannot go eight years laternext year, with anti-Kirchnerism only”.

“We have to have an idea of ​​the country. The one that has been proclaiming is to enter modernity, with an educational, scientific, technological and productive revolution,” he stressed and evaluated that “the role of the new opposition coalition that is being formed is superior to 2015, which was only anti-Kirchnerist.”

Manes and his coffee with Juan Schiaretti that bothered

Manes was also consulted about his recent meeting with the Cordovan governor, Peronist Juan Schiaretti, which also earned him criticism from the PRO. The photograph generated noise in Together for Change because it fed versions of rupture of a sector of the UCR more inclined to add justicialists “with common sense” in the face of 2023.

“I have a coffee with the governor of Córdoba who is a lifelong friend of the Macri family and we both agreed that Argentina has to get out of the labyrinth and they killed me”, The neuroscientist launched his reproach and gave way to criticize Miguel Ángel Pichetto.

Facundo Manes and Juan Schiaretti.  Photo Government of Cordoba

Facundo Manes and Juan Schiaretti. Photo Government of Cordoba

The current auditor of the AGN crossed Manes by maintaining that “he has the right to aspire, but not to attack” and, unlike the deputy, said that he wants Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri as candidates.

manes he said he respects Pichetto, but it reminded him of his past with Cristina Kirchner. “Was the head of the kirchnerismo bloc For a long time (and then) he was (candidate for) Macri’s vice president,” he said. “Why is everything that Macri does good and everything that someone from radicalism does is bad?” He asked himself.

Lastly, he differed from the former senator by maintaining that “People are not going to vote for the past, they are going to vote for the new.” “I differ with Miguel: he thinks that Cristina and Macri are the headlines and I think that are the past”, he concluded. And she left the internal open.


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