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Faculty Senators will challenge PU Chancellor’s decision in High Court

Joginder Singh / Trinew

Chandigarh, April 13

The aggrieved party will challenge in the High Court the cancellation of the faculty election by the Chancellor of Panjab University, M Venkaiah Naidu. Pro. Navdeep Goyal said that the matter regarding notifying is already in the court, whose hearing is to be held this month, but now because the matter has been reversed, the petition will have to be filed afresh in the court. The winner of the language, Prof. Rajesh Gill has resigned from teaching itself. The second won from the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Raunaki Ram has also crossed 60. In a way, elections are bound to happen in the faculty, but whether it will be in one seat or two or all the six seats, it remains to be seen. In the elections held on the orders of the court, Ashok Goyal from Faculty to Medical Faculty, Prof. from Faculty of Science. Navdeep Goyal, Combined Faculty to Prof. Keshav Malhotra, Faculty of Arts, Prof. Anu Chatrath from Raunaki Ram and Law came after winning the election. Pro. According to Navdeep Goel, a candidate contesting from three out of six Faculty of Science, Arts and Languages ​​is required to be a member of the Faculty whereas there is no such compulsion to contest from the Faculty of Law, Medical and Combined. For this it is not necessary to be a senator or to be a faculty member, otherwise how could Advocate Jagjot Singh Lali contest against Anu Chatrath from Law Faculty?

It is necessary to be a member to contest elections: Prof. Grover

Former Vice Chancellor and Senator Prof. Arun Grover says that out of six faculty members, only one Prof. Only Navdeep Goyal can contest elections. Pro. Rajesh Gill has resigned, Prof. Raunaki Ram has retired. Anu Chatrath, Ashok Goel is not a member or aid member of any faculty. He claimed that the Goel group is misinterpreting the calendar, it is necessary to be a faculty member to contest elections.

two senators wrote a letter to the registrar

On receiving the call of the Faculty election, two senators, Prof. Rajat Sandhir and Dr. Jatinder Grover have written a letter to the registrar apprising them about the amendments made in the PU calendar of teachers regarding service conditions. As per the amendment made in 2007, in the new provisions, Regulation 19 Chapter 6 (A) makes it clear that the service conditions including pay scale on teaching faculty shall be applicable as per the conditions laid down by the UGC/MEI regulatory body. Earlier, the teacher was not considered as a full time teacher when he attains 60 years of age, but after adopting the amendment, the age has been made as per the UGC regulation.

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