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Facial Yoga: Wrinkles have started appearing on the face, so do these yogasanas to tighten the skin

International Yoga Day 2022: International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June.

International Yoga Day 2022: Due to increasing stress and wrong lifestyle, our skin starts to loose prematurely and aging science starts appearing. For this, it becomes very important to adopt the right diet and proper lifestyle. It is equally important to join yoga. Through yoga, you can tighten your skin, that too in a very natural way. Aging can be reduced through facial yoga. The benefits of facial yoga are visible within a few weeks. Let us know which facial asanas can be done to tighten the skin of the face.

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1) Plumper cheeks

With ageing, lines appear on the cheeks, do this yoga to eliminate it. With healthy skin, you will look different from others even in the crowd of people.

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Do it like this:

  • First of all, close your lips tightly.
  • Now pull your cheek inwards.
  • Now make a pout from the lips, like you make a mouth while taking a selfie.
  • Remain in this position for 10 seconds.
  • This mudra has to be repeated at least 5 times.

2) Jaw Stretch

This posture is for your jawline. Whether you are in the office or at home, you can do this asana anywhere by taking out a little time. This yoga works to strengthen your neck as well as your jaw. It prevents the lines coming with increasing age.

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Do it like this:

  • First, move your lips on both sides until you feel a stretch in your cheeks.
  • Turn the head along with the lips to that side and lift it at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Hold for 3-4 seconds to feel the stretch in the neck.
  • Once this is done, then switch to the other side.
  • Do this process for at least 2-3 minutes.

3) Giraffe Neck

The skin around the neck is very thin, due to which the effect of aging is first seen there. However, if you stretch the platysma muscle every day, it helps in tightening your loose skin.

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Do it like this:

  • Place your fingers on the bones of your collar.
  • Now slowly tilt your head backwards. During this, keep your lips tightly pressed.
  • Tilt your lower lip outwards when the head is tilted back.
  • You repeat this process at least twice.
  • During this, take a deep breath and exhale.

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