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F1 live: Relive the career and comeback of ‘Checo’ Pérez at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

The penultimate race of the 2023 Formula 1 season has arrived: The Las Vegas Grand Prix started at 0:04 hours on November 19, in a race where Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez achieved runner-up status by placing third.

In addition to ‘tying’ the runner-upmaintained 1-2 at Red Bull, which has already secured the constructors’ championship, although in the race there was a 1-3.

The qualifying day was complicated for ‘Checo’, who was eliminated in Q2 and finished in 12th place.

Pérez was in sixth place when he entered the pits and did not come out again, seeing how other drivers relegated him and he was left out of Q3. “We finished very quickly, didn’t we?” was his question to Hugh Bird, engineer Red Bull, who only responded: “Yes.”

Nevertheless, came out in eleventh position from the starting grid thanks to Carlos Sainz Jr.’s penalty, which he received in the first practice.

What happened at the 2023 Brazilian GP? This was the race lap by lap

‘Checo’ Pérez and Max Verstappen raced early this Sunday with a Las Vegas special edition suitthe same with which the Austrian team sought to honor Elvis Presley, an icon of the so-called ‘Sin City’.

This is how it remained top 10 of the 2023 Las Vegas GP:

  1. Max Verstappen.
  2. Charles Leclerc.
  3. Sergio Perez.
  4. Esteban Ocon.
  5. Lance Stroll.
  6. Carlos Sainz Jr.
  7. Lewis Hamilton.
  8. George Russell.
  9. Fernando Alonso.
  10. Oscar Piastri.

He Las Vegas Street Circuit It was the one that hosted this race, where the drivers gave one of their ‘last pushes’ to score as many points as possible on the track, which is 6.2 kilometers long along 17 curves.

  • Lap 50: Leclerc surprisingly overtook ‘Checo’ Pérez and ‘steals’ second position from himwho is in third.
  • Lap 49: Justin Bieber appeared on the screens, apparently waving the checkered flag.
  • Lap 48: Leclerc is now hot on the heels of ‘Checo’, whose car skids slightly. The yellow flag appears again for a few seconds.
  • Lap 47: A yellow flag momentarily appears, which after a few seconds is changed to green.
  • Lap 45: The distance between Max Verstappen and ‘Checo’ Pérez increases.
  • Lap 44: Hamilton occupies tenth position, entering the points zone.
  • Lap 43: Sergio passes Leclerc again, moving up to second position.
  • Lap 41: Pérez remains in third place, behind Charles and Max.
  • Lap 39: The man from Jalisco tried to overtake the Monegasque in the DRS area, but was unable to do so.
  • Lap 38: Verstappen returns to the head of the race. ‘Checo’ and Leclerc fight for second position.
  • Lap 36: Verstappen overtakes Pérez, now the Mexican is in third place.
  • Lap 35: Hamilton climbs to 13th position. Pérez loses first position to Leclerc.
  • Lap 33: Max Verstappen returns to the podium by placing third. Checo’ is still in first place.
  • Lap 32: The Mexican continues looking for an opportunity to overtake the Monegasque, achieving it.
  • Lap 31: Verstappen gains strength again and climbs to fourth position.
  • Lap 30: ‘Checo’ is ‘breathing down Charles Leclerc’s neck’.
  • Lap 29: Gasly and Piastri touch, but it doesn’t go any further. Hamilton dropped to 17th position.
  • Lap 28: Safety Car ends. Green flag appears.
  • Lap 27: Several drivers take advantage of the Safety Car to go to the pits. ‘Checo’ drops to second position.
  • Lap 26: Verstappen has already climbed to fourth place; The front wing came off. Safety Car appears.
  • Lap 25: There was a touch between Verstappen and Russell; the first broke the floor of the second.
  • Lap 24: The battle for fourth place is between Sainz, Russell and Verstappen.
  • Lap 23: Verstappen climbs to sixth position.
  • Lap 22: After Leclerc’s pit stop, Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez takes first position.
  • Lap 20: Verstappen begins to climb positions after his pit stop. He is in the seventh.
  • Lap 19: Pérez arrives at second place.
  • Lap 18: Mexican to the podium! Checo Pérez already occupies third position, only behind Esteban Ocon and Leclerc, who is still in the lead.
  • Lap 17: He did it! ‘Checo’ has already passed Lewis Hamilton and is placed in 4th place; There is talk that Lewis has a ‘puncture’ in his car.
  • Lap 16: The driver from Jalisco continues to lead: he has now risen to eighth position, just behind Lewis Hamilton. Charles Leclerc passed Max Verstappen and is now in first place.
  • Lap 15: Hamilton advances one more position and is in eighth position. The fastest lap now belongs to Fernando Alonso. ‘Checo’ is already in the points zone.
  • Lap 14: Pérez has the fastest lap.
  • Lap 13: The rhythm of ‘Checo’ Pérez begins to be noticed, as he passes Hülkenberg and is now in 12th place.
  • Lap 12: The Mexican climbs one more position, now he is in thirteenth position with his hard tire.
  • Lap 11: ‘Checo’ manages to climb to 14th position, leaving behind Sainz and Alonso, with whom he had ‘piques’ a lap ago.
  • Lap 10: ‘Checo’ Pérez is still in 16th place. Gasly and Russell fight for third place.
  • Lap 9: A 5-second penalty was reported to Max Verstappen. The fastest lap goes to George Russell.
  • Lap 8: Pierre Gasly sneaks into fourth position. Behind him are the two Williams.
  • Lap 7: Verstappen continues to lead the race. Alonso passed to Sainz Jr., who ‘attacked’ ‘Checo’ Pérez.
  • Lap 6: Safety Car ends. Green flag appears on the track.
  • Lap 5: The Safety Car is maintained due to an impact by Lando Norris.
  • Lap 4: Lando Norris leaves the track. He ends his participation in the race. ‘Checo’ rises to 16th place.
  • Lap 3: Virtual Safety Car ends. There was an impact in turn 11; They now activate a Safety Car due to a Lando Norris incident.
  • Lap 2: Virtual Safety Car appears on the track. ‘Checo’ goes to the pits and goes up to 18th place.
  • Lap 1: Alonso suffers contact; The Aston Martin driver has damage to his car. Verstappen manages to ‘steal’ the first position.

Green flag! The Las Vegas GP begins

The drivers start the formation lap, ready to start the Las Vegas Grand Prix race.

Las Vegas GP 2023 starting grid

In a classification where ‘Checo’ Pérez was eliminated during Q2 and Ferrari led, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc will start in first position, followed by Max Verstappen and George Russel. The complete grill is composed as follows:

  1. Charles Leclerc.
  2. Max Verstappen.
  3. George Russell.
  4. Pierre Gasly.
  5. Alex Albon
  6. Logan Sargeant.
  7. Valtteri Bottas.
  8. Kevin Magnussen.
  9. Fernando Alonso.
  10. Lewis Hamilton.
  11. Sergio Perez.
  12. Carlos Sainz Jr.
  13. Nico Hulkenberg.
  14. Daniel Ricciardo.
  15. Lando Norris.
  16. Esteban Ocon.
  17. Zhou Guanyu.
  18. Oscar Piastri.
  19. Lance Stroll.
  20. Yuki Tsunoda.

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