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Extreme jubilation in the T-Mobile District before the triumph of Madison Anderson in “The House of Famous 3”

The merriment, the shouts, the jumps and the euphoria for the triumph of the former Puerto Rican beauty queen Madison Anderson Berriosrising as the champion of “The house of celebrities 3” was what prevailed among the people who gathered in the Plaza Popular del T Mobile Districtin San Juan, where they saw the final of the “reality” on a giant screen, which broadcasts Telemundo.

The public’s respect, affection, and admiration for the Puerto Rican beauty was evident in the fans who arrived at the crowded event in the afternoon with flags of the monostar, posters, “posters,” bandanas on their heads, and figures of butterflies. support whoever was the first finalist of Miss Universe 2019.

From the Country Club in Carolina, the 23-year-old Danashly Calderón Burgos arrived, in response to the call. “I wanted to come to feel the emotion and the adrenaline,” said the citizen, who has followed the program since it began on January 17. Her support was such that she infected the rest of her family, to such an extent that they created a chat that they named “The House of Celebrities”, where they were informed and followed up to comply with the votes. Upon hearing that Anderson was the winner, she jumped out of her chair and joined the rest of the fans.

“I am very excited and happy. She is a pride and she represents me ”said the young woman while in the background the chorus of the chorus was heard: “I am Puerto Rican so you know it!”

People from Ponce, Salinas, Mayagüez, Guayama, Juana Díaz, Caguas, Coamo, Aguadilla, San Sebastián, among other towns on the island, eagerly awaited the moment to collectively witness the victory. Today all of Puerto Rico was “Team Madison”.

On the other hand, Frances Figueroa, 28, arrived from Ponce with her mother, sister and best friends, who wore shirts alluding to Madison. “I feel very happy and proud with this victory. She represented women in style and what the resilience of Puerto Rico is”he expressed.

While Joel Rodríguez de Cupey did not miss the opportunity to throw into the air the colored metallic confetti that they launched with spark effects that illuminated the stage, as part of the joyous celebration. “I am very happy, I always kept voting. I feel very proud of her. We love you Team Anderson!” shout.

Another of the fans who attended was Lucy Avilés from Toa Alta, who was one of the managers of one of the “Team Anderson” support accounts through the Twitter platform. “We have been supporting it, making it a trend. In addition to that, carrying the positive message that she has had in the house, of her values, especially of the transformation and evolution that she has had. Puerto Rico deserved that win too. She is a person who has given so much love and sweetness to this program that even the children have identified with her, especially all those who live in the diaspora, who do not speak Spanish well, but who are natives at heart,” she said.

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