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Everyone except Alonso

passion sunday and a good one for the Spanish in the different categories of the motor world. The first of the victories came at dawn, from Australia where Carlos Sainz managed to beat Red Bull in Alber Park after Verstappen’s brakes caught fire. The Madrid native is the only driver who seems to have the power to beat the Toro team and do so, moreover, only fifteen days after undergoing an appendicitis operation from which he is still recovering.

Sainz’s was going to be the first victory of a large handful this weekend. On the other side of the pond, in California, the IndyCar champion and Spaniard, Alex Palou He won a new Indy event, thus increasing his record in one of the star competitions in the United States. And while in Barcelona Álvaro Bautista won the second round of the Super Bike, taking a crucial step in the race for the World Championship in this category, in Madrid the champion Jorge Prado did his own in one of the first MXGP tests.

The final fireworks would be given to us by the Motorcycle World Championship riders from the Portuguese Portimao circuit. Triplet of victories in the three categories. While in Moto3 Daniel Holgado won against the Spaniards as well José Antonio Rueda and Iván Ortolá who completed the podium, in Moto2 Aron Canet made his debut in the intermediate category. Jorge Martín’s victory in the premier class, in MotoGP, was very important, and even more so after Peco Bagnaia did not score points after making a mistake when overtaking Marc Márquez that ended with the riders on the ground. In addition to Martín’s victory, which allowed him to become the leader in the general standings, Pedro Acosta, at the age of nineteen, achieved his first podium in MotoGp with a record included, being the third youngest rider to climb the podium in the premier category.

Weekend to frame where we miss Fernando Alonso, who despite making a good comeback in Australia, was severely penalized by the stewards for dangerous driving and went from sixth to eighth position. And although Marc Márquez couldn’t be at the champagne celebration either, the man from Ilerda appears at the World Cup. He was second in the sprint race and if Bagnaia had not overtaken him in Sunday’s race he would have achieved a fourth position that brings him very close to the top positions in the general drivers’ classification.

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