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“Even if I was lying…” – Amber Heard spoke on trolling during the hearing of the case against Johnny Depp

Heard’s lawyer, Ellen Bradhoft, said the actress wanted to appeal the verdict.


Johnny Depp VS Amber Heard: Hollywood actress Amber Heard recently lost her ex-husband Johnny Depp in a defamation suit. The statement of the actress has come on this matter. In which Heard has said that during the defamation suit she faced “hatred and bitterness” on social media, which was not “justified”. On this case of defamation, the court gave a verdict in favor of Depp on June 1, 2022. Amber Heard was asked to pay $15 million in damages to Depp. While Depp was ordered to give $2 million to Heard.


During the hearing of the case, Amber Heard was heavily trolled by social media posts and internet memes. At the same time, in her first interview after the verdict, Hurd told NBC that, “I don’t think the average person should know those things, so I don’t take it personally.” “You can’t tell me whether you think it’s fair”. Even if you think I am lying, looking into my eyes you cannot say that there has been fair representation in social media.”

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In the interview Amber Heard said that “how could they have made a decision, how could they not have come to that conclusion?” “I don’t blame him. I really think he’s a famous actor. People think they know him. He’s a great actor. Heard’s lawyer, Ellen Breedhoft, has said that the “Aquaman” star verdict want to appeal against.

what is the whole matter

In fact, Hurd shared “experiences of domestic violence” by writing an article in the Washington Post. After which Depp filed a defamation case against Heard. The jury found Heard guilty of defaming Depp and awarded $15 million. In addition, the jury also found that Heard had been defamed by one of Depp’s attorneys, after which Depp was directed to pay Heard $2 million.

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