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Eugenio Derbez explains in comedy video how the accident happened: “Mom, I hear blurry”

Some days ago, Eugenio Derbez He appeared for the first time on social networks to narrate in his own voice what had happened to him in the accident that led to an emergency surgical intervention and that, to avoid suffering severe pain, the doctors have kept him sedated. However, the CODA actor has taken things calmly and humorously, so this Saturday he shared a video in which he makes fun of himself.

Derbez makes fun of himself in a video

After nearly three weeks since Alessandra Rosaldo, Derbez’s wife, shared a statement informing the audience that the actor and producer suffered an accident, the protagonist of the P. Luche Family began to be active on social networks.

In his most recent video, published on his Instagram account, Eugenio Derbez makes a comic video in which he represents what happened to him in the accident.

Eugenio Derbez created several characters for his comedy shows, including ‘El Diablito’, whose main characteristic was to do evil from hell to earthly people.

In Derbez’s program from time to time, this block ‘El Diablito’ used to activate levers on a board to cause misfortunes in passers-by from ‘outside’; these scenes were taken from bloopers that alternated with the scenes of said character to denote that he had been the cause.

The actor replicated this same structure in his video, where he makes a ‘chrestomatia’ of his fall.

In the clip you can see a man wearing virtual reality glasses; Immediately ‘El Diablito’ appears with a mischievous gesture that anticipates one of his classic evil acts. The character immediately activates a button that suggests a kind of ‘push’ to the man, who in the next scene falls head-on.

To make the tone of the clip more comical, Derbez incorporated an audio that has gone viral on TikTok, whose speeches say: “Wey, imagine that after… Mom I hear blurry.”

The reactions of famous colleagues of the actor were immediate; for example, the comedian Adrián Uribe, Vanessa Bauche and even the young actress Natalia Esperón commented on the post with emoticons.

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