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Esmeralda Millán: Ex-partner who threw acid at her is sentenced to 42 years in prison

Justice is achieved for Esmeralda Millán, His ex-partner, Fidel ‘N’, received a sentence of 42 years in prison for attempted murder. feminicide as well as the injuries caused to her and her ex-mother-in-law, to whom he threw acid in 2018. The sanction becomes the second of its kind at the national level and in Latin America.

The court determined that Fidel ‘N’ tried to murder Esmeralda Millán with acid in 2018, and after a process of more than five years, the Trial Court handed down the maximum sentence of 40 years for the crime of attempted feminicide against Esmeralda and 2 years for the crime of injuries against Verónica (Esmeralda’s mother) who also suffered damage. In total there are 42 years in prison.

Esmeralda Millán thanked the support of the foundations that supported her, as well as her family and friends, highlighting that without their company justice would not have been achieved because on different occasions where the process was prolonged, she was on the verge of abandoning the fight.

“This really had not been achieved without my colleagues who supported me, without my friends I would not have achieved all this, I had moments of abandoning everything when they made me have so many hearings, but finally we achieved it and there is justice”.

When recounting his experience, he recalled “I initially separated because I had previously experienced violence, I experienced psychological violence, verbal, physical, sometimes I endured to have a “family” for my children, but as they grew older, my children saw how they hit me and with tears in their eyes they asked their father not to hurt them. I didn’t want a life like that for my children, that’s when I separated from him and went to live with my mother, but he found me, he chased me, it was horrible harassment (…) and finally he attacked me.”

The Carmen Sánchez Foundationthrough your account xthanked Yareri Ruiz for the legal advice, as well as the women human rights defenders, feminist and collective activists who joined this demand for justice.

Likewise, they added: “The members of the Carmen Sánchez Foundation have accompanied Esme for five years (first as a collective and since 2021 as a civil association) and we have witnessed the institutional torture of which she has been a victim since the process began. legal in 2019. It has not been easy to get to this moment. Mainly for Esme, who has had to survive one of the most extreme violence against women and demand justice so that his case does not remain unpunished.”

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