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Enter new smartphone competitor

A new smartphone competitor landed in the Mexican market. This is Wiko, a firm of French origin that began operations in 2011 and for many years was focused only on the European market.

This year the company will start operations in Latin America, with Mexico being the first market in which it will start operations with two smartphone models, the Wiko T-50 and Wiko T-10.

Violetta Jovanovićdirector of marketing and Global Communications and representative of Wiko in Mexico, explained that these are two devices that will be added to the offer of mid-range smartphones that currently exists in the country.

“These are devices that have a very low cost, the Wiko T-50 will have a final cost of 5,999 pesos; meanwhile, the Wiko T-10 will cost 2,919 pesos, that is, we will start operations with very affordable costs for Mexican consumers”, he pointed out.

According to Wiko, during the first weeks it will bring more than 2 thousand units to the Mexican market, distributed in different stores such as Coppel, Liverpool and Telcel, among others.

Fast Office goes for 200 franchises in Mexico

Fast Office, the Guadalajara franchise dedicated to offering services and access to shared corporate spaces, seeks to multiply its locations in all the states of the country where it has a presence.

It currently has 55 franchises and 6,000 clients distributed in eight entities and will soon seek to internationalize to the United States, Panama, Chile, Canada and Spain. Its expansion plans include opening 200 franchises in Mexico and 400 throughout the United States.

It is a franchise model that offers new alternatives to entrepreneurs who, after the pandemic, adapt to the new trend of having fewer fixed costs, without giving up offering quality facilities for their clients.

The business model of the franchise he heads George Benard is to look for investors with experience or those interested in the real estate industry —commercial property owners who want a double return on their investment can also participate—. They tell us that their average investment is 1.5 million, it also offers the option of an absentee investor, since the franchise has a central office that helps in the operation of the real estate.

Modelo only needs a third of Oxxo

Three years after Grupo Modelo signed an agreement to place its products in Oxxo’s refrigerators, the company already has 66 percent coverage in the more than 19,000 convenience stores operated by the chain. Jose Antonio Fernandez Carbajal.

“Oxxo is an incredible opportunity and a great partner, a great retailer in Mexico. Now we have covered two-thirds, more or less, of its stores and the remaining part is more in the north, more where our market share is smaller and our availability is more restricted”, he revealed in a conference with analysts Michel DoukerisCEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the company that owns Grupo Modelo.

He added that the competition in the north of the country seems to be an interesting challenge, since it is known that Tecate, from the Heineken Group, is one of the favorites.

During the first year of the Modelo agreement, it achieved a penetration of 6,000 Oxxos in the metropolitan area, which was followed by coverage in Puebla, Querétaro, Colima and Guanajuato. The agreement announced in February 2019 contemplated that the Modelo portfolio would be available in all Oxxo stores by 2022.

They collect a million butts

Within the framework of the World Day without Cigars, Philip Morris Mexico broke the record of collecting 1 million cigarette butts for recycling, an activity carried out in conjunction with World Cleanup Day and Ecofilter, and which has the objective of planting a tree for every thousand butts collected.

As is known, the tobacco company is committed to stopping producing cigarettes and its commitment is to replace them with products such as its IQOS tobacco heater.

“We want a future without cigarette smoke, which means a future without cigarette butts,” said Andrzej Dabrowski, president of Philip Morris Mexico.

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