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England, Pakistan can become joint winners

Melbourne, 11 November (Agency)

With rain threatening both the T20 World Cup final between England and Pakistan at the MCG here on Sunday and the ‘reserve day’ the following day, both the teams could be declared joint winners. At present, Melbourne has a 95 percent chance of rain on Sunday with up to 25 mm of rain. According to the news of ‘ESPN Cricinfo’, the Meteorological Department says, ‘The probability of rain is very high (about 100 percent). The possibility of heavy rain with thunder is very high. Unfortunately, there is a 95 per cent chance of rain on the ‘reserve day’ for the match on Monday, which may see five to 10 mm of rain. Tournament rules for the final state that each team must play at least 10 overs in a knockout stage match. If rain prevented play on both days, England and Pakistan would be forced to share the trophy. According to the report, ‘The first priority, if necessary, will be to complete the shortened match on Sunday, meaning that the overs will be reduced before the safe day.’ He said, ‘If this match has started on Sunday but could not be completed then it will start from where it was stopped on ‘Reserve Day’. Once the toss is done, the match will be considered ‘live’.

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