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Employees will be transferred only on the last four days of every month

Shimla, June 29 (NIS)

In Himachal Pradesh, now the sword of transfers will not hang over the employees all the time. Now the employees will be transferred in the state only in the last four days of the month. However, in special circumstances, transfers can be done on other working days as well. New guidelines have been issued from the Chief Minister’s Office regarding transfers. It has been said in the instructions that now on 25th or 26th of every month, the officers will send the file of transfers for the approval of the Chief Minister. It has been said in the instructions that action will be taken for disobeying them. Such guidelines have been issued by the Chief Minister’s Office so that government work can be focused. It has often been seen that leaders and government employees often reach the Secretariat or the Chief Minister’s residence with recommendations for transfers. In such a situation, there is a disturbance in the government work. At present, there is a ban on general transfers of employees. However, in spite of this, the Chief Minister is authorized to make transfers in special circumstances. Despite the ban on transfers, complainants are reaching the Chief Minister’s office and residence. With the new system, now the process of transfers will be curbed. Means now the files related to transfers will mostly reach the Chief Minister only on the last 4 days of the month.

No clear policy or rules regarding transfer

There is no clear policy or rule regarding transfers in Himachal. Throughout the year in the secretariat, there is an influx of those who get transfers done to the ministers. Be it the Chief Minister’s office or his residence, every other person who visits him reaches with his complaint only regarding transfers. The situation is that the files of transfers do not come out for months. Most of the bureaucracy’s time is also being spent in getting the transfer files cleared. Therefore, now the government has to act strictly in this matter.

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