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Emilio Pérsico paraphrased Cristina Kirchner and questioned her again: “Evita would grab her head with what they did”

Emilio Pérsico responded to Cristina Kirchner on Wednesday, who during her speech at the plenary session of the CTA in Avellaneda quoted Eva Perón to indirectly question the Evita Movement and directly the method used to distribute social plans. “If Evita were alive, she would hold her head with what they did with Argentina,” countered the main referent of that social organization, aligned with the government of Alberto Fernández.

“If Evita saw them, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Imagining and reading everything that Evita did. Mommy, mommy!”, the current vice president had slipped in the union meeting held in the south of the suburbs.

The piquetero leader assured that did not feel attacked by the former president. “He didn’t mess with us, he messed with all the moves. They all reacted, he made no distinction. In the end he made an allusion to us,” Pérsico clarified, in addition to recalling, by way of reply, that the country “had 80 percent of private workers, white and with rights” and that “now it has just 25 percent hundred”.

In statements made to TN, he added: “I do not blame any government, neither this one, nor the previous one, nor the previous one. The culprit has been all these years of all governments.

“What Alberto may be to blame, among the faults that Alberto may have for Cristina, is that he started talking about the popular economy and that for us is progress,” he admitted. He also considered that “social organizations are a guarantee of governance in Argentina.”

“I don’t blame any government, neither this one, nor the previous one, nor the previous one,” Pérsico said.

This Tuesday, Pérsico had assured that Cristina Kirchner “does not understand poverty.” The vice president had suggested that “the national State must recover control, auditing and the application of social policies that cannot continue to be outsourced.”

For the piquetero leader, who is in charge of 227,100 million pesos a year allocated to the Empower Work program, dependent on the Social Economy Secretariat, all this dispute derives from “a mixture” between “fight of ideas” and “power struggle and politics”.

“The proposal of some mayors is to increase the workers of the mayor. It is a labor fraud. They are going to give him the social work of the province, which the municipal ones have. The organizations are organizing themselves to present themselves preventively before the Labor Justice”, argued Pérsico.

It was at the end of a day in which the vice president met with the mayor of Pehuajó, Pablo Zurro, who “approached her a proposal to transform the social plans that exist in that city into work.”

Persico: “No one handles the boxes”

The piquetero leader had a discussion with the former deputy louis petripresent at the studio and who accused the social movements of taking aid away from those who do not participate in the marches.

“He has no information, it’s not that he doesn’t know anything. He says changed things. Nobody handles the box, the colleague charges with a card and nobody handles the box. There are no ups and downs,” she explained.

Emilio Pérsico paraphrased Cristina Kirchner and questioned her again: "Evita would grab her head with what they did"

“Don’t say shit, shut up,” Persico told Petri.

Two other tense passages of the interdict occurred when Pérsico said “he did not know” Petri and when the former legislator questioned him for “not being accountable.” “Don’t say shit, shut up,” snapped Persico.

Marcelo D’Alessandro: “The Government is a machine for generating poor people”

The Minister of Justice and Security of the City, Marcelo D’Alessandro, directly attacked the current national administration and maintained that “it is a machine for generating poor people.” “I see politics discussing political things and the people’s agenda today is on the other side,” he said.

“We are being held hostage to a situation that we do not have the capacity to provide answers to, because it is the national officials who know what the conflict is, but work groups are not created to generate solutions. On the other side, I see social leaders in an uncompromising way , of standing up where they discuss workers’ rights but screw up the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers every day, it’s a method that has run out. They are facing Argentines against Argentines“, he stressed.

At the same time, he suggested that the social movements “transform the way they manifest themselves and make the corresponding claims.”

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