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Elon Musk’s winks towards Argentina: from Catamarcan lithium to the single currency with Brazil

The billionaire referred to the “South” project, but it is not the first time he has spoken of our country.

Elon Musk this weekend gave his full support to “Sur”, the South American currency project, in another of a series of winks in recent times towards Argentina. The CEO of Tesla and Twitter celebrated through a tweet the possibility that Argentina and Brazil have a common currency. “It’s probably a good idea,” said the tycoon. However, it was not the first time that he has intervened in discussions about our country.

The tweet from the owner Tesla and SpaceX was published this weekend in a message thread from the Whole Mars Catalog account, based on a Financial Times report, with details of the bilateral initiative between the South American countries.

“Brazil and Argentina begin preparations for a common currency. Other Latin American nations will also be invited to join the plan, which could create the second largest monetary union in the world (after the EU)”, the first publication describes.

As published by this blog, which usually provides information on the news of Tesla, the automaker that Musk, and different business issues, at the beginning this currency “would run parallel to the Brazilian real and the Argentine peso.”

“Lula” da Silva arrived in Argentina this Sunday where he plans to meet with his Argentine counterpart prior to the VII Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

Coordinated work to establish a common currency is expected to be one of the most important topics to be discussed at the international event.

Elon Musk’s link with Argentina

In recent times, the South African tycoon not only referred to Argentina in various messages on Twitter, but also gave it a place of relevance for his business in the region.

Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet, opened the pre-registration stage for the service in March 2022.

Via starlinkthe high-speed satellite internet company, Elon Musk registered it as a company with the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ) and, at the same time, opened the pre-registration stage for the service for Argentine users.

According to what was published in the Official Gazette dated March 2022, the company was registered under the name Starlink Argentina SRL, controlled by its firms in the Netherlands, Starlink Holdings Netherlands, and Space X Netherlands.

Starlink promised to “provide internet services to companies or individuals, provide internet connectivity services and internet services via satellite”, as well as “develop, market and install hardware devices, including antenna and user terminal”, among others. activities.

Elon Musk seeks lithium from Catamarca for his Tesla electric cars.  Photo: REUTERS.

Elon Musk seeks lithium from Catamarca for his Tesla electric cars. Photo: REUTERS.

At the beginning of 2022, a series of Tesla representatives sent by Elon Musk visited the province of Catamarca together with officials and executives of Livent, a US-owned mining firm that exploits the Salar del Hombre Muerto deposit and produces lithium carbonate there, one of the main inputs used in the batteries of electric cars.

In said meeting, the miner confirmed an investment of USD 1,100 million and with a view to a possible agreement to triple the activity in Argentina.

He even got on the furor generated by the Argentine National Team during their way to the title in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Through a brief message on his personal account on his social network, the founder of Starlink congratulated the team after qualifying for the final of the tournament. “Congrats Argentina !!”, he published concisely in his account @elonmusk.

Nor did he want to be left out of the festivities after the heart-stopping final against France, which marked the third star for Lionel Messi’s Argentine National Team: “Duel in the desert. I couldn’t ask for a better game. Incredible play by Argentina and France.” In the message he attached the video of the moment that Gonzalo Montiel converted the decisive penalty and the celebrations broke out at the Lusail Stadium.

Elon Musk’s dream: an ad-free Twitter

On the other hand, the head of the social network once again gave details of the news of his social network. On Saturday he confirmed that an increase in the subscription will not include adsafter complaining that “they are very frequent” and “very large”.

Musk, sole owner of the social network, which he bought last year for 44,000 million dollars, regularly uses tweets to report his plans, what he thinks or ask questions, and this Saturday he also indicated that measures will be taken in the coming weeks to address the issue of announcements.

“The ads are too frequent on Twitter and too big” and that “steps are being taken to address both in the coming weeks,” said the billionaire, who is carrying out massive layoffs at the company.

“In addition, there will be a higher-priced subscription that allows zero ads,” he said.

Musk has also noted that in the coming months, the platform will translate and recommend “amazing” tweets from people from other countries and cultures.

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