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Elon Musk warns that X Twitter would no longer be free: he considers applying a “small monthly charge” to all users

The social network x (previously called Twitter) contemplates applying a “small monthly fee” to its users, said the platform owner, Elon Muskby highlighting the need for fight bots content generators from the action of robotic systems.

He did so during a conversation he had last night with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuwho raised the problem of antisemitism on the internetand how your social network can prevent them from using bots to amplify these speeches.

Musk responded that his company can focus on imposing “a small monthly fee for the use of the system”.

“It’s the only way I can think of to combat vast armies of bots”stated the businessman, according to the news agency AFP.

From Twitter to X: the changes that Musk imposed on the social network

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The technology mogul implemented multiple changes since purchasing this platform formerly known as Twitter for 44 billion dollars in October 2022.

These changes in strategy included layoffs in the first instance, then the reinstatement of banned accounts – such as that of former United States President Donald Trump – and more recently a change of brand namerenamed X.

Last July, Musk had said that the company had lost almost half of its advertising revenue.

In this social network there are many bots, which are accounts managed by computer programs and not by people, which can be used to amplify political messages or hate speech.

Netanyahu precisely debated with Musk on the topic, during a forum broadcast by X and raised the problem of anti-Semitism on the Internet and the possibilities of prevent the use of bots.

Explaining his idea of ​​a “small monthly fee” for using the system, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur explained that running a bot costs a fraction of a cent, so if someone has to pay a few dollars to have a profile, the effective cost of using a content robot becomes very high.

“And furthermore, in this way A new payment method must be available every time you use a new bot“Musk explained.

The debate on hate speech on networks

(Photo: AP)(Photo: AP)

Musk threatened a week ago Anti-Defamation League (ADL) with a lawsuit, after that Jewish organization accused him of allowing the spread of anti-Semitism on the Internet.

“To clear our platform’s name regarding anti-Semitism, it appears we have no choice but to file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League… oh, how ironic!” Musk wrote in X.

Some observers received the possibility of the network imposing this subscription with surprise.

If you actually do it, that’s going to kill the platform. Most people won’t pay. “It would destroy the platform and advertising revenue at once,” reacted Ed Zitron, boss of a media relations firm and columnist for the site. Business Insider.

“From the point of view of the economic model, You might think it’s a good option for Twitter“, because contrary to other platforms like Meta, Musk’s network “has so far not managed to implement a successful advertising system”highlighted Kames Cooper, director of the agency. Business of Apps.

However, “Twitter’s value lies in the network effect linked to the existence of a broad user base. Universal service pricing would destroy the user base“he warned.

“Right now the best solution is to increase the value of your payment services, improving your advertising offer and thinking about new sources of income, such as transactionsinstead of making everyone pay,” he added.

Musk assures that X currently has “550 million monthly users”. In May 2022, Twitter indicated that it had about 230 million active users.

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