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Elon Musk wants to transfer the personality of a human to Tesla’s humanoid

Last year Elon Musk unveiled his ambitious project to build his first humanoid robot. But these days he’s taken intentions to a new level, with the reveal of his plans for Optimus, the robot developed by his auto company that’s also known as the Tesla Bot.

In an interview with Mathias Döpfner, CEO of the Axel Springer publishing group, Musk explained that, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the Tesla Bot will be able to house personality, brain power and even memories of a human being.

“We could download into Optimus the attributes that we think make us unique”, talking about the possibility of transferring our brain power to the Tesla Bot.

Musk still did not give details on how they would manage to transfer personalities, memories and all the spiritual halo to the robot. Since the rest of the talk revolved around Optimu’s humanoid designs, as a way to make him fit better into this world and society.

Optimus’ humanoid design

The executive clarified that, initially, his role will be solely to take charge of those jobs that are repetitive, boring or dangerousthat is, the tasks that people do not want to perform.

“Optimus is kind of a general purpose worker android. The starting role should be a job that is repetitive, boring, or dangerous. Basically a job people are not willing to carry out”.

According to Elon Musk, by this year they expect Optimus to start delivering good progress at the prototype level for its original tasks, and just by the end of 2023 a “moderate production volume” of the humanoid robot could begin to be seen.

“If you’re not in that body anymore, it will definitely make a difference, but as far as preserving our memories, our personality, I think we could do it.”

The executive also explained that, like humans, it will have two arms and 10 fingers, it will be approximately the same size, volume and capabilities than the average person.

How is?

On its website, the company explains that the robot will be characterized as a bipedal device for “general use”, and that it is intended to carry out tasks “insecure, repetitive or boring” currently performed by humans.

For this reason, Tesla Bot will have a height of 1.72 meters and a weight close to 57 kilos. It is expected to be able to carry 20 kilogram loads, and even deadlift 150 pounds. And it could even reach a maximum speed of 8 kilometers per hour.

The Optimus Human Robot is Tesla's main bet.

The Optimus Human Robot is Tesla’s main bet.

The humanoid will also be able to perform basic repetitive tasks with the intention of eliminating dangerous or boring work for the person, Elon Musk acknowledged.

His movement is based on the use of 40 electromechanical actuators distributed in his humanoid body, with legs, arms and hands.

Like the vehicles that use the aforementioned assisted driving system, Tesla Bot will rely on neural networks to identify the objects around it and react to them in the most natural way possible. They will even have a simulation system and a set of tools for constant learning.

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