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Elon Musk said he bought Twitter to avoid “the mental virus that attacks civilization”

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, now renamed “X”, was an event that shook the technology industry, generating both expectations and uncertainty. And although on several occasions he offered hardly credible justifications, last week he resorted to a philosophical version.

As is public knowledge, after endless twists and turns, Musk finally agreed to comply with the agreement and disbursed $44 billion for Twitter, double what this platform is worth today.

In April of this year, Musk said that doing so was “painful,” but that he had no choice: Justice was going to force him to respect the offer he had made at the beginning of 2022, so it was better to comply with it than to enter into a lawsuit. legal.

Days ago, Musk himself offered a allegorical version of the reasons that prompted him to go ahead with the purchase. It was during an interview with presenter Joe Rogan, in the US.

A new justification for the purchase. Reuters.

During the talk, he stated that, when he began considering the acquisition of Twitter, he was concerned about the “corrosive effect on civilization” of the so-called woke thoughta term to refer to those who face racism, but which today is also used to define a form of non-violent protest.

He also did not hide his concern about the impact of this “mental virus” that attacks civilization. “The outcome of that virus is very clear when you walk the streets of downtown San Francisco. “It is the end of civilization,” he noted.

According to Musk, in any other course of history, woke culture would have been “a very specific and geographically limited philosophical current.” However, he “got a technological and information system (Twitter) that helped him spread like a virus to the rest of the Earth.”

The billionaire has suggested that freedom of expression on the platform is an essential aspect, despite the fact that it has been singled out for encouraging the spread of misinformation. This led him to decide to purchase Twitter for 44 billion of dollars.

He also claimed on several occasions that this school of thought suppressed alternative points of view on Twitter before his arrival and that it had completely penetrated the entertainment industry.

About this fixation, there is a chapter by Walter Isaacson in his biography. Elon Musk understands that the transition of his son Xavier to perceiving himself as a woman (and calling herself Vivian Jenna Wilson since April 2022) is the fault of the woke virus with which he was “infected” at the school he went to in Los Angeles.

The billionaire believes that his trans daughter, whom he describes as a “communist,” broke off the relationship with him because she had been brainwashed into “thinking that any rich person was bad.

Data from a sweetened reality

The resounding change that the platform suffered.  EFE.The resounding change that the platform suffered. EFE.

As for the facts, there is an explanation that overlaps with reality, since, in April 2022, it was the billionaire’s greatest popularity jump and after some successful deals, he began flirting with the acquisition of the social network.

Tesla’s shares had multiplied by 15 in five years, making it worth more than the next nine car companies combined. SpaceX had put twice as much mass into orbit as the rest of the companies and countries combined. Its Starlink satellites had created a private network that provided connectivity to 500,000 subscribers in 40 countries.

In addition, he had just sold stock options worth $10 billion. “I didn’t want to leave that money in the bank, so I asked myself what product I liked, and the answer was easy: Twitter,” says Musk himself in his autobiography.

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