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Elon Musk mocked a senator who asked for explanations for a Twitter account created in his name

The billionaire answered him through the social network, which he has owned since the end of last month: “Could it be that your real account looks like a parody?”

Elon Musk He responded this Sunday with ridicule to a US senator who demanded explanations about the problems generated on Twitter by his decision to give a verified profile to anyone who pays 8 dollars a month.

the legislator, Democrat Ed Markeysent Musk a letter with a series of questions after, with his approval, a journalist from The Washington Post was able to create an account on Twitter posing as him and with the blue verified user symbol.

Markey made the letter through the social network and noted: “Twitter must explain how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again”.

“Maybe it’s because your real account looks like a parody?”the billionaire mocked in a response published this Sunday, also questioning why the senator appeared in his profile picture wearing a mask.

Markey was quick to reply, reminding Musk that one of his companies -Twitter- is under supervision of the Federal Trade Commission and that another -Tesla- is being investigated for repeated fatal accidents involving its vehicles in autopilot mode.

“And you waste time fighting on the internet. Fix your companies or Congress will“warned the senator.

One of the first measures that Musk adopted when acquiring Twitter was a new label with which official accounts will be identified, which is complemented by the current blue badge that verifies a user’s account on the social network and that now becomes paid. .

The chaos generated with the new payment verification led Twitter this week to temporarily suspend the implementation of this system, after numerous Internet users who had obtained the blue “tick” when paying for a subscription posed as companies and personalities .

In response to questions from a user, Musk assured in the last few hours that the service Twitter Blue will probably be available again by the end of next week.

In addition, the richest man in the world said that soon Twitter will allow organizations to identify which other Twitter accounts are associated with them, although he did not elaborate on this.

Twitter has been under the direction of Musk for two weeks, in which the also owner of Tesla has fired almost half of his staff and most of his management team.

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