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“Elon Musk doesn’t have technical understanding of Twitter,” Engineers did evil…lost job…

Elon Musk fired a Twitter engineer through a tweet (File Photo)

Twitter Inc. owning to Elon Musk Those who consider themselves custodians of free speech (“free speech absolutists,”) are firing engineers who criticize them on social media services. According to a Bloomberg report, In one case, Musk was fired through a tweet, and in another, the former employee said that he was fired for publicly criticizing Musk.

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Engineer Eric Frohnhofer, who worked for the Android mobile application system at the Twitter app, reposted a tweet by Elon Musk on Sunday. Along with this, he also wrote a comment, which said that Musk’s understanding of the Twitter app on the technical side is “wrong”. Musk responded by telling Frohnhofer, “Before writing this, Twitter is working very slowly on Twitter. What did you do to fix that?”

After trying to explain his thinking in several tweets, Frohnhofer was asked by another user why he didn’t share this feedback privately with his new boss. The engineer, who had been working for Twitter for the past eight years, replied, “Maybe they should ask the question privately, maybe they should use Slack or email.”

On Monday morning, Musk wrote that Frohnhofer had been fired. Frohnhofer retweeted the tweet using the salutingemoji used by several Twitter employees who were fired. Both Twitter and Frohnhofer declined to comment immediately.

In another case, engineer Ben Leib was also fired after criticizing Elon Musk. He too retweeted the same tech post by Elon Musk and wrote that, being the former tech lead for Timeline and Infra on Twitter, I can say with certainty that this guy has no idea what he’s about. Talking.” Leib, who worked with Twitter for a decade, confirmed to Bloomberg that he was fired on Sunday.

Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he has fired more than 7000 employees from the company. Most of these senior managers are also included.

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