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Elisa Carrió’s party requests information on the distribution of social plans: “They give them to themselves”

After the controversy over the camping of the social organizations in the 9 de Julio, the Civic Coalition presented a request for a report to find out how the distribution of social plans is in the country. From the space led by Elisa Carrió they suspect that the appointments are approved by the referents of the social organizations that later receive the items.

The request was headed by the president of the CC, Maximiliano Ferraro, and several other leaders. There they asked for a series of reports to the Financial Information Unit (UIF), to the National Institute of Associations and Social Economy (INAES), to the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation and to the Anticorruption Office. They will add a draft resolution from the block of national deputies.

They all have the purpose of claiming details about the administration of social policy.

Specifically, the request for a report aims to keep an eye on programs such as “Promote Work”, by the Ministry of Social Development led by Juan Zabaleta. There they demand data on how many holders participatewhat are the access mechanisms, how many cooperatives and owners do they have, or what results have they had at the moment in terms of formal employment.

They also demand to know what audit mechanisms exist about the use and direction of public funds managed through the intermediation of the Non-Governmental Management Units.

Another one mentioned was the INAES, commanded by Alexandre Roig, who is in charge of the registration of cooperatives and mutuals, the control of compliance with the formal and activity requirements, and the distribution of financial support.

There they questioned the amount of cooperatives formed for the sole purpose of receiving social plans of the Empower Work program, and the territorial distribution of said cooperatives. Also the amount of subsidies and loans granted by the agency through its board of directors and the fluctuation of both operations between 2015 and 2022.

The protest of social organizations lasted for three days. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

In addition, you are asked to report the amount of subsidies delivered to worker cooperatives linked to social plans during 2020 and 2021, and identify each cooperative that received this type of support.

lack of controls

The leaders of the CC also targeted the FIU. It is that they suspect that the number of Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) during 2020-2022 was much lower than those made during the previous administration.

This is relevant because many cooperatives and mutuals carry out financial operations outside the regulatory scope of the BCRA, so the controls system is lower. They want to know how many STRs went from INAES to the FIU and what they did with them.

“Since the inauguration of the new government, officials belonging to social organizations that bring together worker cooperatives have been in charge of state agencies assigned to control cooperatives. This has caused that, in a large number of cases, officials divert public resources to their own political organizations and monitor compliance with the supposed destination of said resources,” they explained in a statement.

“Therefore, the CC asks the OA to provide information about whether the officials who are part of the social organizations have revealed this situation in their respective statements at the time of assuming their positions and if the Anti-Corruption Office has initiated , at the request of a party or ex officio, investigations aimed at identifying and mitigating the risks of these conflicts of interest”, they closed.

Ferraro argued that “it is clear that the officials who give subsidies are on both sides of the counter.” “They grant and receive funds through associated cooperatives and friends. On top of that, then we see how they use the poor in a scandalous way and play their internal role in the government,” he said. “Officials who present conflicts of interest should resign and choose which side of the counter they are on,” he explained.

Juan Manuel López, head of the block of national deputies of the CC, pointed out that “with the issue of social plans, we have to be very serious, the ruling party has to stop using the poor and the opposition has to control that they are not abused and not stolen”.

Hernán Reyes, a deputy from Buenos Aires, asked “to go to the bottom of the matter.” “You have to cut through the strongest link, not the weakest. The strong link is the social organizations, officials and intermediaries who enrich themselves at the expense of a perverse system. That they be held accountable for their activity as officials and for the perverse system they administer”sentenced.

The presentation comes after a convulsive week, where different opposition leaders asked the government withdraw assistance from organizations that block the streets In Buenos Aires city.

“It’s an extortion, they use people Does anyone think that these people came spontaneously? They bring them, and they bring them extorted so that if they don’t come they take the plan out of them. It’s outrageous, that’s why we ask the Government to remove the social plans,” questioned the Head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

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