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Elisa Carrió: “When the World Cup is over, people will realize that the country crashed”

The leader of the Civic Coalition anticipated that when Qatar 2022 concludes, Argentina will have “definitely” collided. She avoided delving into the intern at JxC.

Elisa Carrió predicted a negative outlook for Argentina with a view to the end of the year. To give context to his statement, he used Qatar 2022, and assured that when that tournament ends, the country will experience adverse economic and social consequences. “When the World Cup is over, people are going to realize that the country crashed,” he warned.

“Qatar is a great entertainment that helps many nations to make disasters inside. What are we going to live in Argentina? We have a false budget, we are going to have a totally diminished harvest in wheat, which is what can give us dollars in December. The country is colliding little by little, but crash definitely from december”, he anticipated in TN.

Then he focused on the 2023 budget, assured that the Civic Coalition is “finishing its analysis because it knows how to get there” and shot: “All the articles are analyzed and it is a lie and a trap by (Sergio) Massa.”

“They are going to want to play nice and they are all as dialoguists, but everyone knows that that budget is a lie“, he added, and insisted: “We did not arrive, this is how it is”.

“The situation is terrible, there is a state of desperation,” Carrió described.

The host of the program, Nicolás Winazki, asked him then, what does it mean that the country collides? “What a shock,” replied Lilita, bluntly. And she added: “My strength is prepared for the shockLooking at the social factors, the situation is terrible, there is a state of desperation and lack of food.”

“Cristina (Kirchner) is already stopping rates and even so the budget is impossible. It is a budget for an election year, where to try to retain power, all they’re going to do is make money. They won’t retain power, but it’s going to be a very difficult time,” he foreshadowed.

In that sense, he stressed: “When times are difficult, there are people who have to be fortified and attentive. When everyone is entertained in sterile disputes, someone has to take care of the responsibility of a country that disarms”.

“And in the experience of 25 years of life, because I have already retired from politics, but I am still responsible, I will be. If I have to exercise power to order and unite Together for Change, I am. It will be a historic and difficult moment, “she warned, delving into a sensitive issue such as the internship in Together for Change, derived from Facundo Manes’s criticism of Mauricio Macri.

Elisa Carrió and one goal: “Friend in Together for Change”

In reality, Carrió avoided referring directly to the considerations that the neurologist dedicated to the former president. “Today what interests us is what is going to happen in the coming months,” he said.

“You can’t lose focus, when you lose focus and think about a fight you’re going to have next year with so-and-so, and in reality it may not exist. You have to focus on today“, underlined “Lilita”.

Elisa Carrió avoided referring directly to Facundo Manes' criticism of Mauricio Macri.

Elisa Carrió avoided referring directly to Facundo Manes’ criticism of Mauricio Macri.

In that context, he indicated: “One has so much to study and focus, to deal with what Manes said or what is going to happen next year… It is going to be resolved.”

“There’s a point where society doesn’t know, another point where it doesn’t care, and another point where it’s so entertained that when things happen it’s like we’ve had an unforeseen accident. Some consequently we have to see, anticipate, make friends in Together for Change“, complete.


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