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Elisa Carrió pointed to Cristina Kirchner: ‘Boycott her government all day’

Elisa Carrió is on a tour of different provinces of the country and this Thursday, visiting Córdoba, she spoke about the current political situation and was sharp before the internal power in the Frente de Todos. She accused Cristina Kirchner of “boycott” the government of Alberto Fernández and denounced that at the same time he wants to keep his officials near the great “boxes” of the State.

The ally of Mauricio Macri in the foundation of Together for Change said that this Friday he will visit the leaders of the UCR of Córdoba and will meet with references of the armed opposition in the province. In addition, she told that her objective within the tour of the country is “to see how the citizens are doing”, because she “notes a very great disappointment”.

In that context he got fully into political news. He said that he sees “low energy” in society and “huge disappointment” in people. It was there that he expressed the need to have “leaders who lead by example“.

Consulted in this sense by the role of Cristina, the leader of the Civic Coalition made a strong accusation: “When one is a leader either he is or he runs, but does not assume the vice presidency. If I am a leader and I become vice to command the President, I am in a factual impossibleit can’t work,” he began in a dialogue with chain 3.

And he continued: “If we add to that that boycott his government all daybut keeps the officials what tofeed the box.” For Carrió, this “weakens” Alberto Fernández and “that is why it is co-responsibility,” he said, directly blaming the vice president, a favorite object of the former deputy’s historic complaints.

Carrió affirmed that his role within the opposition, although without current positions, is to ensure that the Government of Fernandez fulfills his mandatesomething that, according to her, does not occur within the internal bosom of the ruling party.

The hard kirchnerismo wants to turn Alberto, but he won’t make it. And we are not coup plotters. There is no way out of this situation from anarchy or violence,” he said.

He also spoke with Channel 12 of Córdoba and there he expressed himself about the preparation of formulas for the next elections. He was blunt: “It disgusts me to hear about candidacies. If it disgusts me, I imagine society.”

Then, in a more friendly tone, he said that “it is too soon to define who the candidates will be in 2023” for that opposition coalition. However, he asserted that they will arise “in the framework of a great plurality and with open internals.”

“We are trying to harmonize principles, to harmonize the project, that the moral contract is included. We need leadership that sets examples,” she stressed.

Carrió considered that “it is not about names, we must avoid Fireworks of the moment we are confused. You have to let the process flow.”

Lilita also spoke about the figure of Javier Milei and although she highlighted his growth, she said that his ideas are not designed to favor the majority: “It is a program for the privileged 10% of the country, ends up being the law of the strongest. The Austrian school does not say what he says. Of course, the state must be changed and private initiative must be increased, and it is the young people who have to give this debate,” he said.

“When Milei says that you have to dollarize, where is he going to get the dollars? what he raises means infinite povertybut it is well, it is necessary to debate it”, closed.

For the closure, the leader dedicated a few words to Mauricio Macri and said that his relationship with the former president is “extraordinary“, while adding that he maintains the same degree of bond with all the members of Together for Change.


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