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Elisa Carrió believes that Alberto Fernández has ‘lost his moral judgment’ but ‘Cristina Kirchner’s impunity is more serious’

Elisa Carrió considered this Tuesday that Alberto Fernández lost “moral judgment”, after agreeing with the Justice to pay a fine to definitively close the case on Fabiola Yañez’s birthday party in Quinta de Olivos. However, the founder of the Civic Coalition remarked that “more serious is the impunity of Cristina Kirchner” after, according to her worldview, “committing a crime of treason against the country.”

“The moral issue in Argentina is much more serious than these transgressions. So I do not give so much relevance to an Argentina so corrupt in its wayswhere this is part of the privileges of a power that feels unpunished”, he stated in dialogue with TN, where surprised when showing in favor of payment of the fine because the decrees, in his view, were “unconstitutional.”

In short, Carrió indicated that it seems more “substantial” to him that the vice presidency “is not in preventive detention” because “it is accused of a illicit association to commit crimes and steal from the State”.

Asked if he thinks he existed palace coup of Cristina Kirchner against Alberto Fernández at the time of greatest ebullience within the Government, avoided a concrete response and introduced an issue somewhat closer in time, such as the possible implementation of the single ballot in the 2023 elections.

“Now they have lowered the decibels a bitThey have left him in power. But we have to reach a free, democratic election, with a single ballot and with a clean record next year, ”he said.

In that direction, he opined that “when a party has money or structure, it does not want the single ballot” and recalled “the fraud” that they did “in 2007”, when “at 11 in the morning there was a ballot and Néstor Kirchner ordered he stole every ballot in the nation.”

That system, as he indicated, “allows minorities to avoid electoral fraud” and “favors electoral transparency.” “It is a matter of principle, that even favors Miley”, Carrió graphed and wished that “hopefully all opponents vote” for the use of this mechanism.

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