Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Electoral Court revokes the INE’s agreement to postpone consultation for the revocation of mandate

The Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch revoked and rejected the agreement of INE advisers to postpone query for the revocation of mandate of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Unanimously and with the vote in favor of the five magistrates, the draft resolution was endorsed that establishes that the INE and its electoral advisers “They lack the authority to postpone the process” and that the argument of lack of budget “does not justify” their decision to postpone the consultation.

The resolution – presented by Judge Felipe Fuentes Barrera in a videoconference session – also adds that if the INE “It alleges the lack of resources has the burden of proving it and making efforts to obtain them, administer them and seek other measures.”

The resolution highlights that the argument of lack of resources “is not a cause of force majeure that justifies postponing the process” of the query, and that INE “It must make the budgetary adjustments to carry out the pertinent measures.”

Among some proposals that the Court’s draft resolution indicates, it is noted that the counselors of the INE they must go “to the Ministry of Finance to request the resources” necessary to carry out the process, to “guarantee citizens to exercise this political right”.

Although the magistrates expressed differences regarding the argumentation in the opinion, in the end they all spoke out to guarantee citizens the power to exercise this right to participate in this first and unprecedented consultation for revocation of mandate, with some observations and proposals for modifications in the wording of the document, but that does not modify the meaning of the resolution.


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