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Elections in Santa Fe, LIVE: “I ratify that I am not going to summon everyone”, Losada’s message to Pullaro before voting in the PASO

Together for Change settles the tense dispute between its two candidates for governor, in which the inmate between Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta plays.

In a key provincial election, Santa Fe defines its candidates for the general vote this Sunday with a PASO whose main course is the tense internal dispute of Together for Change. Carolina Losada has the support of Patricia Bullrich and Maximiliano Pullaro, with that of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. I followed the minute by minute in this live coverage.


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Lewandowski: “The proposal is clearly insecurity and that is a task for the entire political class”

Marcelo Lewandowski, pre-candidate for the ruling party, spoke after voting and stated that insecurity “is a task for the entire political class.”

“The approach (of the people) is clearly insecurity, and that is a task for the entire political class. There are issues of state that must be established. Nobody wants our children to want to leave the place where they were born, to be labeled ( by Rosario) as a narco city,” he launched.

“Here there is a problem installed in Rosario for 15 years. It is a problem that we have and those of us who live around here have heard shootings and bursts for years. Whoever wants to take responsibility is missing the truth,” he added.

Agustín Rossi voted: “we chose between two models”

The vice-presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria, Agustín Rossi, voted in Rosario and shared the photo on Twitter. “Beyond people, in these elections we decided between two models: one that wants to win to benefit friends and another that has always governed for the happiness of the people,” he wrote.

Video: Carolina Losada’s blooper in the Santa Fe elections

Video: That’s how I vote Carolina Losada

Maxi Pullaro: “I prepared my whole life to be governor”

Maxi Pullaro, before voting

Maxi Pullaro, who has the support of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, remarked that whoever wins will have the support of the two national JxC candidates. “Here an election for the province is defined, we are going to have the support of the Nation but we, the people of Santa Fe, are going to have to solve it. We are going to have to make decisions. This is a provincial election, the problems are provincial,” he added. .

“I have prepared myself all my life to be governor, I know each neighborhood, I have met with all sectors, we are clear about the government programs,” he closed after his vote.

Maxi Pullaro: “We are not engaging in aggression with any candidate”

Maxi Pullaro, a candidate for Juntos por el Cambio, avoided getting into controversy before casting his vote and remarked that from his space “they did not engage in aggression with any candidate”, referring to Losada.

“There is no select vote, Losada’s is worth one, mine is one. We all represent the same space. We understand that on Monday the vast majority of Juntos voters will be behind the candidate with the most votes, we want it to be our formula. We present proposals, ideas. We never entered into aggression with any candidate,” Pullaro stressed.

“I ratify that I am not going to summon everyone,” said Losada before voting

Minutes before voting, Carolina Losada spoke to the press and confirmed that “she does not plan to call” all sectors in case the internal one wins. It was in reference to Maximiliano Pullaro, whom she accused of being linked to drug trafficking in a very tough electoral campaign that marked the internship of Together for Change.

“The message is that we go to vote. It is understandable that people are angry, but we ask them to go because the bad guys are all going to vote,” launched the candidate.

“Without consensus there is no change, without conflict either”, Macri’s tweet in the middle of the disputed election of Santa Fe

With the election in Santa Fe in the background —a kind of first round between Larreta and Bullrich represented by Pullaro and Losado—, Mauricio Macri turned to his Twitter account and left a strong message.

“Without consensus there is no change, without conflict either” wrote Macri, sharing the title of a journalistic editorial that contrasts the photos of Larreta and Bullrich.

Guido Braslavsky

Guido Braslavsky

Single ballot, a lot of competition and a boom in journalists, the “strange” electoral world of Santa Fe

Elections in Santa Fe, LIVE: "I ratify that I am not going to summon everyone", Losada's message to Pullaro before voting in the PASO

Rosario, July 14, 2023 Political billboards for the PASO on Sunday the 16th. Photo: JUAN JOSE GARCIA

In the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries this Sunday, in the category for governor, no less than 3 pre-candidates compete on the opposition “front of fronts” (Together for Change, the Socialists and other parties) and 4 pre-candidates on the PJ front -Kirchnerism. The Trotskyist Left, measured, goes with 2 pre-candidates. Read more

Fein: “Beyond the attempts to nationalize, the people of Santa Fe are going to vote with their hearts here”

Mónica Fein, one of the pre-candidates for governor in the Juntos por el Cambio internship, was the first to cast her vote. There she said she was “satisfied with the ideas campaign” and tried to get the elections off the ground at the national level

“I know that the people of Santa Fe, beyond the attempts to nationalize, are going to vote with their hearts in Santa Fe. The national question is pulling but we need governments here,” said the former mayor of Rosario.

Guido Braslavsky

Guido Braslavsky

Schools opened and voting began, in crucial elections with national impact

Elections in Santa Fe, LIVE: "I ratify that I am not going to summon everyone", Losada's message to Pullaro before voting in the PASO

Rosario July 15, 2023 Distribution of the Argentine Mail the Ballot Boxes for Passage in the Santa Fe Province Police custody of the Rosario schools route Photo: JUAN JOSE GARCIA – FTP CLARIN

On a frosty morning, electoral day began at 8:00 a.m., when more than 2.7 million Santa Fe residents are eligible to vote in these open, simultaneous, and mandatory primaries (PASO), in elections that will close at 6:00 p.m. Read more

ignacio miri

ignacio miri

Santa Fe, laboratory of the coming fight

Elections in Santa Fe, LIVE: "I ratify that I am not going to summon everyone", Losada's message to Pullaro before voting in the PASO

Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich during an act. Photo Federico Lopez Claro

On Sunday the people of Santa Fe will vote in the Primary elections to choose the candidates for governor. All the surveys indicate that the sum of the candidates of the alliance that formed the UCR, the PRO and the Socialist Party, in addition to some smaller partners, will achieve a good difference with respect to the Peronist coalition that today governs the province.

It will be a relevant choice for several reasons. One of them is that 7.9% of the national voters vote there: it is the third district in the country, after Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Read more here.

What is voted in the PASO of Santa Fe

Governor Omar Perotti announced in February that the province of Santa Fe was going to split its elections from the national ones, with dates confirmed for July 16 (PASO) and September 10 (general).

The province with the third most voters in the country must renew the positions of governor and lieutenant governor, 50 provincial deputies, 19 provincial senators, 46 municipal mayors, municipal councils in 60 cities and community commissions in 305 towns. Read more here.

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