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Elections 2023: how to know if I was chosen to be a table authority

Although in most cases it is by designation, there is also the possibility of applying voluntarily.

On August 13, the PASO (Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primaries) will take place in Argentina, on the way to the general electionswhich will be carried out next October 22. And that supposes the designation of the table authorities, which also admits applications. But how will the communication be?

The National Electoral Justice defines the table authorities for the next PASO, which will be the same as for the general elections. These authorities are responsible for fulfilling essential tasks such as controlling the identity of the voters, qualifying the votes and counting the polling stations. How to know if one was chosen as table authority?

There is two ways to be table authority, considering that many are needed throughout the country. One way is a compulsively summoning through a raffle that is carried out at the State level and another is those who registered voluntarily for civic commitment, for the per diem paid to the authorities or for both reasons.

The State has the power to designate who should occupy the positions of table authorities in the elections.

Time before the PASO, the National Electoral Justice will designate the people who will be table authorities both in the PASO and in the general elections.

Primary elections serve, mainly, to define within each political space the lists of candidates for the general election.

Elections 2023: how to know if you were elected a table authority

Even for those who have registered, the National Electoral Secretariat will make an evaluation of the people who can effectively be table authorities.

Those who have been designated as table authority They will be notified at the address that appears on the electoral roll., through the mail. They then have to do training to be able to carry out this task effectively. Of course these people must be literate and not be affiliated with a political party.

There is no database or portal to consult if you have been chosen as a table authority. If they have not received the telegram and, when in doubt, citizens can contact the Electoral Secretariat of their district.

Whoever wants to apply as a table authority can do so by entering the website

Whoever wants to apply as a table authority can do so by entering the website

This designation as a table authority has the character of “public charge” and therefore cannot be waived. Of course, there is the possibility of not performing on that day, but the chosen one must excuse himself within three days of receiving the notification of appointment.

After that period, excuses are only admitted for reasons that occurred later, which will be subject to special consideration by the National Electoral Court. And in the event that the request is not granted, the person continues to be appointed and You have to show up to do your job. the day of the election.

Where to apply

As a counterpart to those who prefer to avoid fulfilling the function of table authority, there is the possibility of applying voluntarily to fulfill said task.

In this sense, the people who want either to provide this service to Democracy or due to the need to collect the per diem that the State grants to the table authorities, You can apply on the pagein the Public Registry of applicants for Board Authorities.

Through this registry they can sign up to carry out this function in the next national elections. The application does not imply designation, but once the registration is made, the Electoral Secretariat will analyze the request and if confirmed, it will be communicated by mail.

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