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Elections 2022: These are the states where there will be a Dry Law

Election Sunday is approaching and, with it, the state governments have reported that there will be Dry Law in some of them.

The Mexican Electoral Law establishes that, during the electoral process, the authorities of each State may establish measures to limit the service hours of establishments where intoxicating beverages are served or sold.

Sunday June 5 there will be elections in six entities: Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo. Where will the measure apply and how many days does it contemplate? We tell you.

The Government of the State of Aguascalientes has not reported on the prohibition of the sale of alcohol in a general way. However the municipal government of Aguascalientes informed that in that demarcation there will be a Prohibition Law. The same will apply in the municipality of Calvillo.

This measure will apply only on Sunday, from 00:00 to 23:59.

Due to this, a notification was issued to all owners of commercial, industrial and service establishments informing them that the sale, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on that day.

Durango will live election day without alcohol. The authorities in 39 municipalities Dry Law was decreed and, therefore, the sale of intoxicating beverages from this Friday June 3 at 11:59 p.m. and until the first minute of Monday June 6th.

The Secretary of Government, Jorge Clemente Mojica Vargas, pointed out that the restrictive measure corresponds to define it to the municipalities, and will be applied in the 39 that make up the territory of Durango.

The request was made by the electoral bodies with the purpose of guaranteeing that the process is carried out in a respectful environment.

The prohibition of alcoholic beverages includes outlets, shopping malls, convenience stores, restaurants, bars and other places where bottled, canned or prepared alcoholic beverages are sold.

In accordance with what is established in article 149 of the Electoral Code of the State of Hidalgo, there will be a Prohibition Law in the entity for the elections in which the governorship will be renewed.

The Dry Law will come into force from Saturday, June 4 at 00:00.

In this way, the sale of alcoholic beverages is suspended in all businesses, grocery stores, self-service and convenience stores. Bars, canteens and restaurants are also required to comply with this rule, and may return to normal until next Monday, June 6once the election is over.

Whoever fails to comply with what is established in the regulations in force in Hidalgo, will be subject to a fine.

The sale of alcohol in oaxaca It will be banned until after Election Day.

It is contemplated that this prohibition will begin the first hours of Saturday June 4 and that it concludes in the first hours of the Monday June 6.

The measure will be extended to warehouses and stores that sell intoxicating drinks, as well as bars and restaurants.

In Quintana Roothe Ministry of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan) issued a decree temporarily suspending the sale of alcoholic beverages throughout the state geography from June 4 to the last minute of June 5.

It was reported that the ban on the issuance of alcoholic beverages will be from 00:01 on Saturday, June 4, and until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 5, 2022, but will be exempt from this decree the establishments with the line of Restaurant and Restaurant-Bar with sale exclusively with food located in the tourist areas.

The Sefiplan called on the owners of establishments in which alcoholic beverages are sold to comply with the preventive measure, inviting them to comply with the agreement since failure to comply will be sanctioned in accordance with what is established by the laws of the matter in the state.

Tamaulipas will have Dry Law from 0:00 hours on Saturday June 4 until 24:00 hours Sunday 5th June.

The agreement was published in the Official State Newspaper, which establishes the days on which alcoholic beverages cannot be sold in establishments dedicated to this.

Besides that the sale and consumption will be prohibited in restaurants, bars, canteens, billiards and any business where it is normally allowed.

In accordance with the considerations, it is the power of the Governor of the State to provide, by the means available, tranquility, security and public health in equal circumstances for all the inhabitants of the entity.

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