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Eight years have passed since Michael Schumacher’s tragic accident

On December 29, 2013 the Formula 1 shocked the world with the tragic news that Michael Schumacher, seven times world champion of motorsport, had an accident outside the car, which left him without being conscious again.

The life of the Schumacher family was never the same again, since the German was the pillar and the greatest admirer of life, so after that occasion the laughter was exhausted, but the faith remains intact.

A terrible accident, while skiing in the winter resort of Meribel, in the French alpsJust one year after announcing his retirement from motorsport, the German lost control and had a severe accident when his head hit a rock.

From that time on, everything became a mystery in the life of the Bavarian pilot. No messages, no lectures, no health status of the legend, nothing at all. That is why eight years after the accident there is still no information on the state of health of the former runner of the Formula One.

Months ago, the platform Netflix took a documentary from Schumacher where he shows the most human version of the ex-pilot, the same one that reveals his beginnings in the sport that I love the most; without leaving aside the interviews given by various characters such as his own son.

Mick schumacher, current element of the team Hass, revealed at the time that he does not agree that the media and motor sport lovers compare the trajectory his father had with the one he begins to build, for which he asked for “respect” in the face of this issue.

“I have the utmost respect for what my father accomplished, all his hard work to achieve his victories and titles. Nothing was provided. The energy and strength that he taught, his concentration, always giving 100% at work, impresses me. I think I have something of that too ”, acknowledged the young rider.


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