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Eduardo ‘Wado’ De Pedro met with the Gymnastics goalkeeper who was insulted for his stutter

After showing solidarity through social networks with the Gimnasia goalkeeper Rodrigo Rey after the discriminatory insults he received for his stutter During the La Plata classic, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, visited the Lobo estate in Abasto this Saturday along with Student leaders.

“Today we said that we want a better society, with solidarity, and that nobody wants to be an accomplice of abuse“, Said the official after meeting with Rey and with leaders of both clubs.

Alberto Fernández’s field official has raised his profile to address the problem of their own disfluency in speech and raise flags against bullying.

Pedro’s “Wado” had a talk at Estancia Chica with Rey and with the leaders of both clubs, and even kicked a penalty to the Lobo goalkeeper, who on Friday was the starter in his team’s victory at home against Patronato de Paraná , for the second date of the Professional League.

Young people with disfluency also participated in the meeting, with the aim of sharing personal experiences and creating a space for raising awareness against mistreatment, discrimination and bullying.

“Today, the two clubs addressed this problem by telling everyone that we want to have a better society, that we do not want to be complicit in these events, that we are going to participate and we are going to generate all the events that we have to generate so that there is awareness and we can have a society with values,” said the official.

In addition, he highlighted the need to “Do not endorse, laugh, or support situations that have to do with abuse and bullying”.

“When you see a situation of abuse, you have to go, you have to stop, you have to address the situation, you have to stand next to the person who suffers and not stay as a spectator,” he insisted.

Wado de Pedro, together with Rey, leaders of Gymnastics and Students and young people with disfluency

The insults to Rodrigo Rey in the classic platense

Gimnasia and Estudiantes faced each other for the first date of the Professional League and at the end of the match the cameras and the criticism went with the goalkeeper of the Wolf for having made gestures to the supporters of the Pinchabut in his post-meeting statements he explained what happened and why he decided to greet them ironically.

After the final whistle, Rey went to get his towel at the side of the goal, looked up at the fans, pounded his chest and waved to them. This did not go unnoticed by the Pincha players who went to recriminate the goalkeeper and neither by the referee Patricio Loustau, who admonished him in the middle of a general uproar that involved all the protagonists.

What was Rey’s explanation? During the game, the people of Pincha insulted the goalkeeper of those led by Pipo Gorosito, but that was not what bothered him but that he had gotten into a personal problem. Speaking in mixed zone, he stated: “Messing with a difficulty that I have had since I was a child is not going to. Let them bitch and that’s good, but there are things that come from evil, they seek to harm “.

Those same statements to the TyC Sports channel were reproduced by De Pedro in his message of solidarity with the goalkeeper on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The 31-year-old goalkeeper has lived with a degree of stuttering, which he took it upon himself to classify as speech disfluency. Without the post-match revolutions and with more calm this Monday, he detailed to the sports channel that his problems caused him “think things faster” of what he says. “I think 20 things and when I want to say them I get stuck. It’s like a lock I don’t repeat what I say but I come with the dialogue and my head wants to go faster than my mouth,” he explained.

In some situations, like in the harangues that he made when he was a Godoy Cruz player, he does not suffer from this. “For days it is, others not, but the main thing about this is that it didn’t stop me at all”, said the current Gymnastics goalkeeper and added that as a boy he did not experience something like this: “I think about it today and it was strange that I did not suffer from bullying.” He now he had to live it big and in a classic.


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