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Eduardo Duhalde and his criticism of fiction: “Chiche says that she is prettier than the one she played in the series”

eduardo duhalde made this tuesday a ruthless government analysis of the Frente de Todos, with strong questions to Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Kirchner and the members of The Campora. In this sense, he assured that the current situation is “worse than 2001“, in reference to the crisis portrayed by a recent Star+ series on those fateful days at the beginning of the century. In this regard, the former president gave a brief review of the work that reverses the last days of Fernando De la Alianza’s presidency Rua and aired the reaction of his wife, Chiche Duhalde.

“I did not see the series, Chiche saw her“said the former governor of the Province of Buenos Aires about the program “December 2001”which was released a week ago.

“chiche says that she is much prettier than the one that played Chiche”, commented Duhalde on the interpretation of Alejandra Flechnerthe actress who emerged from the underground with the theater group Las Gambas al Ajillo and who, in the real years that the series reflects, worked in one of the versions of Chiquititas.

“After, my friends are very angryThey say ‘look what they do’. they have every right when they make an argument. I don’t expect that an ERP man give me a favorable argument. I really congratulate the guerrilla organizations when they fought against the dictatorship, but afterwards I have nothing to do with the ERP”, he said about the work in dialogue with radio with you.

Alejandra Flechner is Chiche Duhalde in the series “December 2001”.

It happens that the script of the series is an adaptation of the book “The palace and the street”, by Miguel Bonasso, militant seventies. In addition, the direction is in charge of Benjamín Ávila, son of disappeared and also the man behind the movie Infancia Clandestina.

“In four months I went from being a second councilor to being a mayor [de Lomas de Zamora]. Because they had put people from the ERP and the majority of the Deliberative Council threw the mayor out, “Duhalde delved into his memory, who is in the series played by César Troncoso.

And he continued: “I have nothing against that man, who has the right to write all kinds of scripts. I don’t worry at all“.

César Troncoso is Eduardo Duhalde in the series "December 2001".

César Troncoso is Eduardo Duhalde in the series “December 2001”.

Fierce criticism of the Government: “We are in the most serious crisis of all”

In addition to his cinematographic section, Duhalde extended himself to harshly criticize the Frente de Todos government. He distributed questions to everyone: Cristina Kirchner, Axel KicillofAlberto Fernández and La Cámpora.

“I am contrary to the finger”said the former president about the electoral setup of the ruling party, with the dispute between STEP yes and STEP nofour years after Cristina herself placed Alberto F.

“It is imperative that there be elections and that the people choose who the candidates are going to be. That each space put their candidate and that they be elected. We are going through the most serious crisis of all, more serious than that of 2001,” added Duhalde, of recent meeting with Daniel Sciolithe candidate who wants primaries in the ruling party, with the endorsement of Fernández.

Regarding the comparison, he said that at that time “there was a climate in which we were not so bad How to say”.

And he continued: “We are worse than in 2001. It is my specialty and I know about this. I have been teaching this in Salamanca for eight years. Governance is increasingly complex for the state of the world.”

The PJ presidential candidate Daniel Scioli plays chess with Eduardo Duhalde.

The PJ presidential candidate Daniel Scioli plays chess with Eduardo Duhalde.

He was also relentless with the President. “The only thing that is improving is production, because it is there a man, De Mendiguren, who knows and has a bank at its disposal to help entrepreneurs. But that is not enough “, he conceded with the massista official that he knew how to keep close.

Duhalde, about the “very bad” management of Axel Kicillof and the prognosis about an “inflated” Javier Milei

Consulted about the management of Axel Kicillof as governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Duhalde, aware of the position, described his administration as “Very bad”.

From there, to The Campora. “I don’t even want to hear about them. They are sectors rejected by trade unionists and businessmen. There are 80 guilds that have gathered and they don’t want them. I strongly disagree with those organizations,” she said.

In that sense, he lowered his thumb to one of its militants, Eduardo Peter’s “Wado”.

“Is a madness learning to govern in the midst of a crisis. Let it be from any party. I don’t care who wins. I care that there are parliamentary majorities to change what needs to be changed. We don’t have to fight anymore, we have to come together,” said Duhalde.

Alberto Fernández and Eduardo Duhalde in the Basilica of Luján.  Photo Juano Tesone

Alberto Fernández and Eduardo Duhalde in the Basilica of Luján. Photo Juano Tesone

Lastly, he referred to javier mileiafter the poor performance of Ricardo Bussi, the candidate that the libertarian promoted in the recent elections in Tucumán.

Milei is very inflated and it will be demonstrated in the next elections. When what he said starts to happen Who will control their votes? Do you have organization? I think it hasn’t. They will not put their votes. It has no organization, neither for auditing nor for everything that campaigning means. Is very difficult to reach 10%“, he evaluated.


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