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Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín resigned

Gustavo Manrique relieves him. The resignation occurs in the midst of the opposition offensive against the president

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, indicated on Saturday that accepted the resignation of Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín, who held the position since the beginning of his government, in May 2021.

“I highlight the work carried out by Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín and sorry for your resignation“, expressed the president through his Twitter account.

He added that Gustavo Manrique, current Minister of the Environment, will be sworn in this Monday “as the person in charge of assuming this position.”

Holguín released a letter of resignation addressed to Lasso on Twitter on Saturday, in which he alleges “personal motives”. It’s supposed to be because he’s going to pursue his political career.

“I thank @LassoGuillermo for playing for Ecuador and giving us the opportunity to serve him. It has not been easy, but I am sure that for the country and for his presidency, which must be respected, this is the correct decision,” he said on the same social network.

The now ex-minister noted that he celebrates “the successful appointment” of Manrique.

Holguín resigned in the middle of a process of impeachment promoted by the opposition National Assembly against Lasso for a alleged embezzlement.

The 67-year-old center-right president believes that the trial raised by a sector of the Legislature and authorized by the Constitutional Court “It makes no sense”.

This is the second time that Congress – where the opposition is in the majority but is dispersed – has tried to remove Lasso from office.

Last June, in the midst of indigenous protests due to the high cost of living, a group of deputies presented a motion for dismissal, but did not obtain the necessary 92 votes -out of 137 assembly members-, according to the Constitution.

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