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Economically, the situation in the state has worsened: Hooda –

Rohtak, 25 September (NIS)

Former Chief Minister and Congress opposition leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda has alleged that the economic condition of Haryana is the weakest during the current government. He says that no development is taking place in the state and the government is taking loan after loan. After all, the government should tell why that loan was taken. The state has a debt of more than Rs 4 lakh crore, but the government is not able to tell for what purpose the loan is being taken. Not only this, Bhupendra Hooda termed the present government as a government of scams and said that no scam has been investigated till date and when Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala talks about the development of the state, the state has not developed, only Dushyant Chautala has developed. Is. Former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda was talking to journalists here on Monday.

Putting the present state government in the dock regarding the Nuh violence, the former Chief Minister said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal is calling it a well-planned conspiracy, but a judicial inquiry is not being conducted. If this is a conspiracy then it should be revealed to the people of the state who the conspirator is. Every section of the people of the state has become alienated from the present government because crime is increasing in the state and farmers are also not being heard. The situation is that due to government procurement, farmers have to sell paddy and millet crops at rates lower than the MSP. The people of the state have made up their mind towards Congress and the Congress party is going to form the government in the 2024 elections. Hooda said that drugs have ruined Punjab and now the same situation is going to happen in Haryana also. Because the government has failed to provide employment to the youth. Due to which the youth are turning to drugs. The government should provide means of employment for the youth. On this occasion, MLA Bibi Batra, former MP Shadi Lal Batra, former minister Anand Singh Dangi, former MLA Santkuwar, Prof. Virendra and others were present.

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