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Ebrard’s claim at the Summit of the Americas: ‘Let it be the last without Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela’

The Foreign Minister of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, criticized this Friday during his speech at the Summit of the Americas the exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, in addition to demanding that the Organization of American States (OAS) be allowed to reform and that The United States lifts the embargo on Cuba.

“May this be the last summit where we are discussing an exhausted Organization of American States, the last one where we have to discuss the blockade against Cuba and the last summit where the peoples of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela or other peoples are missing,” he asked. Chancellor during his intervention in the plenary session.

Ebrard represented at the Los Angeles summit the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwho canceled his participation in protest at the host’s decision not to invite those three countries.

The Mexican foreign minister, one of the last representatives to intervene, assured that of the thirty countries that preceded him, 20 expressed themselves against the exclusions, 10 did not manifest themselves and only two said they were in favor.

“No one has the right to exclude another country for whatever reason and less for a political reason”, claimed Ebrard, who defended that “it is up to each people” to choose their form of government.

He also attacked the OAS and its electoral missions for their “embarrassing paper” in the political crisis in Bolivia in 2019 and recalled that the region has almost unanimously condemned the embargo on Cuba.

However, he said that it is not about seeking “confrontation” with the United States and urged the US president, Joe Biden, to “take note” of what has been said at the summit and that the foundations be laid for “a new relationship in the Americas”.

“We propose that this be resolved by the next summit or many countries will stop coming,” warned the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

López Obrador has led the protests in the region due to Washington’s decision not to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, for which he suspended their participation, as did the Bolivian Luis Arce and the Honduran Xiomara Castro.

On the eve, the Argentine President Alberto Fernandez He reproached Biden and demanded to remove the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro.

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