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Due to an extrajudicial agreement, Pablo Duggan apologized publicly to Javier Milei and said that he did not want to link him to Nazism

After reaching an out-of-court agreement, Paul Duggan He publicly apologized this Monday to Javier Milei after having linked him with Nazismwhich is why the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza demanded one million pesos from the courts and the right to reply in his program.

The origin of the conflict dates back to 2021, when the libertarian economist expressed during an interview with Viviana Canosa: “Not only did we beat the left in terms of production, we are superior morally, aestheticallyand that hurts them.”

Shortly after, the driver C5N he accused him live: “Talking about aesthetic superiority today is something horrible. Aesthetic superiority has a lot to do with supposed racial superioritywhich was one of the great arguments and banners of nazism”.

Then, Milei denounced him in court, as well as the journalists. Fabián Doman, Pablo Vilouta, Débora Plager and Martín Candalaft. Specifically, he demanded one million pesos from each of them for “affecting honor” and “moral damage”as well as his “right to reply”, for having related it “to the Nazism and Adolf Hitler and having trivialized the Holocaust”.

After two years, Duggan and Milei reached an out-of-court settlement. As established in the resolution, in which Civil Court No. 103 of the City of Buenos Aires intervened, the journalist committed to apologize publicly.

Upon learning of the complaint, the journalist wrote: “Attempt to gag against journalists by Javier Milei. For those who doubted his lack of tolerance, he denounced 5. He can’t stand criticism. “I am among those reported.”

Pablo Duggan’s apologies to Javier Milei

Minutes after 7:30 p.m. this Monday, Pablo Duggan published an extensive thread on his X social network account (formerly Twitter) with his apology. A few hours later, he returned to the topic on the program he hosts on the official news channel.

At no point did I say that Milei is a Nazi or anything like that. That is a definition that I would in no way apply to him. The word Nazi is used today in a banal way as a synonym for authoritarianism, stubbornness and/or rigidity,” he began.

He then explained that “Nazism was not an authoritarian or rigid style in the use of power, but rather it was an ideology that sought to impose the supposed Aryan supremacy over the entire planet, eliminating (murdering) all other human beings considered inferior.” “.

“It is clear then, by definition, that Nazism or the word Nazi is inapplicable not only to Mileibut to none of our politicians, no matter how authoritarian or undemocratic they may be (and I am not saying that Milei is),” he remarked.

He then justified his unfortunate sayings: “He spoke of ‘aesthetic superiority’ And that made a lot of noise to me, and the idea immediately came to mind. Nazi concept of racial superioritywhich was one of the main arguments and banners of Nazism, and that was what I expressed.

I understand that the words used could have been misinterpreted and generated understandable discomfort in Javier Milei.but since that was not the intention, and the speaker also shares the commitment to fight against any act that involves trivializing an event as aberrant as the Holocaust, I consider this clarification to be appropriate along with this request for apology.” , hill.

Just a few minutes later Milei’s response came: “Thank you very much for your apology, which is welcome.. Greetings”.

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