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Drinks sale sparks fights in UK stores

The Aldi brand offered an energy drink created by two English youtubers, Prime, at an unbeatable price on Thursday, December 29.

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This sale comes as the United Kingdom is going through a serious economic crisis.
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. to 1€ the 1st month

Ihere are promotions that are almost impossible not to give in to. This was the case of Prime energy drinks, sold for 1.99 pounds – or around 2.25 euros – a bottle, against 29.99 pounds usually, in Aldi stores in the United Kingdom on Thursday, December 29. Designed by two renowned videographers, Logan Paul (23.6 million subscribers on YouTube) and KSI (24 million subscribers), these drinks are very popular with young audiences, who have literally fought for a few bottles in some UK stores.

On videos published on social networks, we can thus see that very long queues had formed in front of these German hard discount brands before they opened, then customers rush to the sometimes uncrowded shelves – at most 300 bottles per store – and finally arguing to be sure not to leave empty-handed.

A quest that was all the more motivated as these drinks can be resold at exorbitant prices on specialized auction sites. However, purchases were limited to three bottles per person.

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This story is reminiscent of the precedents in France with in particular fights in Intermarché stores, because of promotions on Nutella or on children’s diapers, as well as at Lidl, for its food processor.

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