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Doorman by night, singer by day: Nahuel Guzmán ‘joins’ a rock band

The goalkeeper of the Tigres, Nahuel Guzmanhas stood out in Mexican soccer for his work, and now he shows us another of his talents ‘that was well hidden’: that of ‘la cantada’, and he let him see nothing more and nothing less than with a renowned band.

Music and football merge

A few days ago, the Argentine rock group kapanga shared a video on their social networks in which Guzmán can be seen in a recording studio in Monterey in front of the microphone, singing a part of the song I look backfrom the same band, in what will apparently be a collaboration.

“You’re wrong, it’s not just a little / surely my questions will not have answers / I focus in this direction, going up the hill”, he is heard singing to the ‘Paton‘ in the 15 seconds that the clip of the band lasts, which by the way is one of the goalkeeper’s favoritesand not precisely because they are Argentines just like him.

In addition, in the last few hours, both the Argentine goalkeeper and his countrymen have shared stories on their respective Instagram profiles related “to what’s coming.”

Within the comments of the video, the fans of the goalkeeper and the group showed their surprise at the interpretive capacity of the athlete, since it is heard in tune and with rhythmas well as his excitement for the collaboration at the door, hoping that it will be released soon.

A friendship that crosses borders

In addition to the great admiration that Nahuel Guzmán shows to the band, the members of Kapanga have proven to be good friends of the athleteWell, when the group comes to Mexico for touring or recording (as in this case), the Tigres goalkeeper doesn’t miss out on receiving them and going out with them.

On this occasion, the Monterrey-based goalkeeper took the opportunity to invite them to the training session prior to the game that the Tigres would play against America tonight at the University Stadium of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León.

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