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Donation to Restos du coeur: an outrageous controversy

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Part of the Nupes filed a tartufferie lawsuit against the founder of LVMH following his donation to Restos du Coeur. Back to a French scandal.

By Francois Miguet

This Monday, September 4, Bernard Arnault promises a donation of 10 million euros. Quickly, the Minister of Solidarity, Aurore Bergé, thanked the billionaire and his relatives “for their exceptional support”.

VSAmong the Insoumis, it’s like this, we sometimes have Pavlovian reflexes. Like Russian doctor Ivan Pavlov’s guinea pig dog, we are conditioned. Not to salivate even before the meal is served, as was the case in this scientific experiment passed down to posterity. But to bark at billionaires every time they stick out their noses. In this case, it was a question of denouncing the necessarily “self-interested” donation made by Bernard Arnault, the first fortune in France to Restos du coeur. A duplicity trial fueled by an erroneous vision of the tax exemption of donations.

Let’s rewind. Sunday evening, Patrice Douret, the president of the association created by Coluche in 1985, launches an appeal for generosity to the 20 hour newspaper of TF1. There is an emergency: the boxes…

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