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Don Omar: “I lived by selling drugs”

The urban exponent Don Omar confessed to the veteran television presenter Mario Kreutzbergerknown as Mr. Franciscowho in his youth dedicated himself to the sale of controlled substances at a drug point in Puerto Rico.

The confession of the Puerto Rican artist took place in the middle of an interview that he gave to the eternal host of the program “Sabado Gigante” in the space “Reflections with Don Francisco” on CNN. The interview will be broadcast in its entirety in October, but a preview of it is broadcast on social networks.

William Omar Landrón Rivera, the artist’s first name, confessed that between 14 and 15 years he was dedicated to selling drugs and did eight-hour shifts at one point.

“Here I leave you a small preview of what our reflections will be. A sincere and transparent conversation where Don Omar tells us what his life was like before he became the great music icon he is today. His experiences and learnings ”, shared Don Francisco together with the publication of the advance of the interview.

“What did you live on?” he asked. Mr. Francisco.

I lived by selling drugs. That was my job…. 14 or 15 years old. I worked inside a drug point. He worked an eight-hour shift every day.”, Revealed the reggaeton player who returned to the musical arena last year, after a long break.

“And you were drugged and also drunk?” he continued. Mr. Francisco.

all day and all night”, answered the reggaeton player who then gives details of an event that changed his life, which was the murder of two friends who were selling drugs and Don Omar turned to God.

“What a great interview, thanks for everything @donfranciscotv Long live Chile and long live Puerto Rico,” wrote the voice of “Danza Kuduro” on his Instagram account.

In the past, Don Omar faced justice after being arrested in September 2004, for allegedly being caught smoking marijuana inside his Hummer bus. His case went on to trial in 2008, but the charges were later dropped.

Similarly, the rapper has always maintained a friendly relationship with the convicted and drug trafficker Ángel Ayala Vázquez, known as Ángelo Millones, who is serving a federal sentence.

In fact, in the video he recorded with Rene Perezfrom the song “Flow HP”, Don Omar wore a coat with the face of Ángelo Millones.

In the video for the song “Flow HP”, a song by Don Omar with Residente released in September 2021, the renowned performer is seen wearing a coat with a photo of Angelo Millones. (Youtube)

The interview with the renowned Chilean presenter can be seen through the channel Don Francisco TV on YouTube. In the Don Francisco space, he maintains a sincere and totally open conversation with his guests.

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