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Does Pedro Capó have a new love?

For some years, during the most transcendental period of his career, the love life of the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Pedro Capo It has been a complete mystery. Between rumors of divorce, reconciliations, adventures and new loves, the award-winning artist always finds a way to avoid the subject and continues to focus on music.

This afternoon, when the International Women’s Daythe gray-haired and light-eyed musician again stirred up social networks after publishing a tender black and white photograph with the makeup artist and professional stylist sophia alexandra. The grandson of the deceased Puerto Rican singer Bobby Capó was not satisfied with the snapshot and accompanied it with a verse of the song “Fusion” by the Uruguayan exponent George Drexler.

And I don’t mind telling you

that I already lost the measure

That I already hung up my armor

In your portal”, read the stanza.

Sofia Alexandra, meanwhile, also posted an image from the same photo shoot. The expert in the field of beauty titled the publication as “The echo of a feeling”. Drexler also has a song called “Echo.”

As expected, the comments on social networks were immediate. In less than an hour, Capó’s publication has almost 5,000 “likes” and countless messages that express an apparent “cool”.

“The enchule is real when Drexler is quoted,” commented a fan of the father of three sons with Jessica Rodríguez. “I loved the caption,” another Instagram user added.

In 2018, it was announced that Capó and Rodríguez were in divorce proceedings, and an alleged relationship with the Puerto Rican dancer Tatiana Delgado, with whom he worked on the video for “Calma”, was pointed out. However, in February 2019, the singer ended the divorce rumors with the mother of his three children and published some photos and a video during a family trip in Costa Rica. During various interviews in the midst of the pandemic, he spoke about his family life together with Rodríguez, being one of the most recent in August 2020 when he offered an interview to the digital version of the magazine “Who”.

Likewise, in July of last year, the secret that was hidden between the chemistry and complicity that Capó and the Mexican singer demonstrated Sofia Reyes in the music video for the music single “Casuality” was revealed. In interview with Jorge Pabón “The Mollusk” and Pamela Noah in the radio program “Molusco y los reyes de la punta” of La Mega 106.9FM heThe actress also assured that they were getting to know each other and “open to any type of possibility.”

“The truth, the truth, with Pedro I felt when we were in the official video as if he is a person that I have known for a long time. He felt very familiar, we laughed our asses off because it felt like we were on the same ‘trip’ and such and such we have lived together much more and were open to any kind of possibility. We’re getting to know each other.” said the 26-year-old artist.

During the week of promoting the song on the island, Capó hinted from his Instagram stories that he woke up on some beach on the island, enjoying a recreational vehicle from “Vive La Van.” There she prepared coffee and breakfast for two.

Hours later, he added content to the story. This time, the artist with blonde hair and light eyes was the protagonist. In the background you could hear the wind, the waves and shouts of emotion from Capó, followed by a “yeah, baby”.

Although everything seemed to be going smoothly, the couple of singers were not seen together again.

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